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Projects in 2018–2019.

Annual Plan goal: New Content

Annual Plan goal: Better Use of Data

Annual Plan goal: Community Wishlist

Annual Plan goal: Anti-Harassment Tools

Annual Plan goal: Wikidata



The Product Analytics team tracks a set of key metrics designed to give a high-level picture of the movement's health.

The monthly report on key metrics tracking the overall health of the Wikimedia movement.

Product teams


A Product team covers a set of features developed according to specific user flows and needs.

Core Experiences

Together, the three teams trace out a journey of users going from being readers, to new editors, to experienced editors.


Contributor Tools

We build collaborative, inclusive tools for creating and editing free knowledge.

Anti-Harassment Tools
Trust and Safety Tools
Community Tech
Moderator Tools/Wikipedia Library

Emerging Markets focus


Native Mobile Apps


Front-end Platform

Design Systems
Content Transform


Abstract Wikipedia
Structured Data

Functional teams

Technical Program Management
  • We are dedicated to guiding delivery processes and facilitating team health through good practices.
  • Lead:
Product Design
  • We make sharing of all human knowledge easy and joyful. For everyone.
  • Lead: Margeigh Novotny
Product Analytics
  • We make recommendations based on results of analyses, advocate for ethical data practices, and educate on topics around data and statistics.
  • Lead: Kate Zimmerman
Product Design Strategy
  • Lead: Margeigh Novotny
Community Relations Specialists


Wikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. This project is maintained by the Software Development & Engineering department at Wikimedia Deutschland.


2019–2020 Q1: 2019 7-gue̍h tsì 9-gue̍h Q2: 2019 10-gue̍h tsì 12-gue̍h
2018–2019 Q1: 2018 7-gue̍h tsì 9-gue̍h Q2: 2018 10-gue̍h tsì 12-gue̍h Q3: 2019 1-gue̍h tsì 3-gue̍h Q4: 2019 4-gue̍h tsì 6-gue̍h
2017–2018 Q1: 2017 7-gue̍h tsì 9-gue̍h Q2: 2017 10-gue̍h tsì 12-gue̍h Q3: 2018 1-gue̍h tsì 3-gue̍h Q4: 2018 4-gue̍h tsì 6-gue̍h
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2015–2016 Q1: July–September 2015 Q2: October–December 2015 Q3: January–March 2016 Q4: April–June 2016

Annual Roadmap