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The Wikimedia Foundation User Experience Design teams are responsible for the look and feel of projects, from a functional level to a final pixel level released design. The UX teams work closely with existing Wikimedians as well as new users to socialize our designs and plans, as part of the wider Wikimedia Engineering departments.


The User experience teams have over 40 years of combined user experience design and research, engineering, information architecture, HCI, visual design, and usability experience.




Design Research


How to work with us

Internal process

Designer titles


Design exploration

Every Friday the Design team takes time to think about longer lead projects, areas of personal interest, or design problems that aren't their primary area of focus to spend time brainstorming, sketching and collaborating on. Many of the projects created during Explore will hopefully turn into roadmap projects or Beta Features.


We welcome help in any way, but we have limited time and have priorities based on our yearly roadmap to focus on. We want to make sure we foster an environment where community designers can contribute to the projects as well as developers.

A few ways to help out by volunteering your time:

Design resources

When designing with us bear in mind our Design best practices.

All our graphics assets are licensed under open licenses (but note that many of the logos are trademarked). All our user interface software is developed publicly in open source projects.

Design Fellow Alumni