Design/Statement of purpose

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Design at Wikimedia Foundation makes sharing of all human knowledge easy and joyful. For everyone.

Our goal is to ensure that Wikimedia products and communications follow a design process centered on the user. Based on research to understand people’s needs and motivations, we explore solutions that meet those needs.

We design in the open with a transparent and participatory process. We collaborate within the Wikimedia Foundation and with the global community of contributors. We create well-designed solutions, together.


In the second half of 2016, the design group at the Wikimedia Foundation (made up of UX designers, design researchers, UX engineers, and communications/brand folks) underwent a process to define a statement of purpose. This statement is intended to articulate the shared aspirational vision of design at the Wikimedia Foundation, to articulate what it is at a high level the group is attempting to achieve. In addition to providing a clear vision, this document will aid in making decisions for the design group such as those in regards to (but not limited to) staffing, organizing, implementing projects, and strategizing.