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Projektaj Paĝoj

Projects in 2018–2019.

Celo de Ĉiujara Plano: Nova Enhavo

Annual Plan goal: Better Use of Data

Annual Plan goal: Community Wishlist

Celo de Ĉiujara Plano: Kontraŭĝenaj Iloj

Celo de Ĉiujara Plano: Vikidatumoj



The Product Analytics team tracks a set of key metrics designed to give a high-level picture of the movement's health.

The monthly report on key metrics tracking the overall health of the Wikimedia movement.

Teamoj pri produkto


A Product team covers a set of features developed according to specific user flows and needs.

Core Experiences

Together, the three teams trace out a journey of users going from being readers, to new editors, to experienced editors.



We build collaborative, inclusive tools for creating and editing free knowledge.

Kontraŭĝenaj Iloj
Trust and Safety Tools
Komunuma Tekniko
Moderator Tools/Wikipedia Library

Emerging Markets focus


Native Mobile Apps


Front-end Platform

Design Systems
Content Transform


Abstract Wikipedia
Structured Data

Functional teams

Teknika Programa Administrado
  • We are dedicated to guiding delivery processes and facilitating team health through good practices.
  • Estro:
Produkta Dezajno
  • We make sharing of all human knowledge easy and joyful. For everyone.
  • Lead: Margeigh Novotny
Produktaj Analiziloj
  • We make recommendations based on results of analyses, advocate for ethical data practices, and educate on topics around data and statistics.
  • Estro: Kate Zimmerman
Strategio pri Produkta Dezajno
  • Paĝo: Margeigh Novotny
Community Relations Specialists


Wikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. This project is maintained by the Software Development & Engineering department at Wikimedia Deutschland.


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