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The Quality and Test Engineering team is a sub-team of the Engineering Productivity group within the Wikimedia Foundation. Established in September of 2019, we are working towards improving the overall quality of the software developed by the Foundation as well as broader technical community. Through deliberate improvements to software development practices as well as the test tooling and ecosystems, we look to enable software engineers to deliver the highest quality work possible with the highest degree of confidence.

Join our IRC channel: #wikimedia-qte connect.

Check out our blog posts at phab:phame/blog/view/21/.

Key Guiding Principles:[edit]

  • Quality is a cultural trait that must permeate throughout the entire organization and community.
  • Quality Assurance is a process, not a team or person.  The Quality Assurance process touches all aspects of the SDLC.  The Quality and Test Engineering team plays a role in the definition and execution of that process.

Things We Do:[edit]

Automated Testing Enablement
Area Contacts More Info
E2E Browser Based Testing Željko Filipin
Integration Testing TBD hiring
Unit Testing TBD hiring

*John is a member of Advancement.

**Unit Testing work, although sponsored by QTE, it a Code Health Group initiative.

Test Engineering Support
Team Contacts More Info
Abstrack-Wikipedia TBD
Anti-Harassment Dom Walden/Ima Igwilo
Community Tech Dom Walden/Ima Igwilo
Editing Rummana Yasmeen
Fr Tech* John Bolorinos*
Growth Elena Tonkovidova
Inuka Jose Pita
Language Jose Pita
Native Apps Anthony Borba
Structured Data Elena Tonkovidova
Trust and Safety Derrick Jackson
Web Readers Edward Tadros
Platform TBD hiring

*John is a member of Advancement.

System-Wide Testing
Area Contacts Status More Info
Accessibility Monte Hurd Research
Performance/Scalability Dom Walden Investigation
Compatibility Testing TBD Investigation
Initiative Contracts Status More Info
UI Component Testing (VUE) Monte Hurd Investigation
Test Process and Tooling Improvements Rummana Yasmeen
Testing Infrastructure Jean-Rene Branaa Investigation
Defect Management and Analysis Monte Hurd Roll out
Code Health
Area Contacts More Info
Code Health Metrics Jean-Rene Branaa
DevEd (developer education) Jean-Rene Branaa
Code Review Improvement Initiative Jean-Rene Branaa
Code Stewardship Jean-Rene Branaa

Code Health activities are sponsored by Engineering Productivity/Quality and Test Engineering, but are supported by a cross-organizational group name the Code Health Group,