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Welcome to the home of Wikimedia Research. For an overview of our work, projects, resources, and collaborations, please visit:


Wikimedia Research is a team of scientists and engineers using data to understand and empower millions of readers and contributors who interact with Wikipedia and its sister projects on a daily basis.

We turn research questions into publicly shared knowledge. We design and test new technology, produce empirical insights to support new products and programs, and publish research informing the organization’s and the movement’s strategy.

We are strongly committed to principles of transparency, privacy, and open collaboration. We collaborate with a network of researchers in the industry and academia, and publish all our output in the open.


The list of projects we're working on between July 2017 and June 2018, as part of the Wikimedia Foundation's 2017-2018 annual plan, is available here:


Our work is publicly tracked on this workboard:


Our goals are captured on a quarterly basis for each fiscal year (Q1: July-September; Q2: October-December; Q3: January-March; Q4: April-June). An overview of our goals quarter by quarter can be found here.


Research Fellows[edit]

Former team members[edit]


We collaborate with external researchers in a variety of forms. You can read more on formal collaborations on this page.

Current collaborators[edit]

Affiliation Project NDA PoC
Michele Catasta Stanford University Y Miriam Redi
Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil Cornell University Y Leila Zia
Lucas Dixon Jigsaw N Dario Taraborelli
Besnik Fetahu L3S, Leibniz Universität Hannover N Miriam Redi
Jérôme Hergueux ETH N Leila Zia

Yiqing Hua Cornell University Y Leila Zia
Srijan Kumar Stanford University Y Leila Zia
Florian Lemmerich RWTH Aachen University Y Isaac Johnson
Jure Leskovec Stanford University Y Leila Zia

Miriam Redi

Tiziano Piccardi EPFL Y Miriam Redi
Paul Seabright Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) N Leila Zia
Shilad Sen Macalester College Y Aaron Halfaker
Markus Strohmaier RWTH Aachen University Y Isaac Johnson
Nithum Thain Jigsaw N Dario Taraborelli
Hannes Voigt Dresden University of Technology N Leila Zia
Robert West EPFL Y Leila Zia

Miriam Redi

Ramtin Yazdanian EPFL N Leila Zia
Andrea Forte Drexel University Y Jonathan Morgan
Lauren Maggio Uniformed Services University Y Dario Taraborelli
Todd Leroux Uniformed Services University Y Dario Taraborelli
Daniel Mietchen University of Virginia Y Dario Taraborelli
Ryan Steinberg Stanford University Y Dario Taraborelli
Joe Wass Crossref Y Dario Taraborelli
John Willinsky Stanford University Y Dario Taraborelli


  • Our research reports mostly live in the Research namespace on Meta
  • We host every month a showcase where we present publicly our work. We occasionally invite guest speakers involved in Wikimedia research. You can browse past editions of the showcase on this page. The showcase has been running monthly since December 2013.
  • If you're interested in staying on top of both internal and external research on our projects, check out our monthly newsletter (which you can also subscribe to by mail) or follow @WikiResearch on Twitter. The newsletter is mostly volunteer effort coordinated by Tilman and Dario and has been proudly running since April 2011.
  • You can reach us on IRC via the irc:wikimedia-research channel or drop us a line at (

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