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The Wikimedia Foundation's Product Analytics team mainly supports teams within Audiences department, but also supports teams in other parts of the Foundation. The team helps product managers, engineers, and executives make data-informed decisions through:

  • Extracting insights and datasets from the Foundation's data repositories
  • Crafting key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics
  • Building dashboards for tracking success and health metrics
  • Design and analysis of experiments (A/B tests)
  • Ad-hoc analyses and machine learning projects
  • Developing tools and software for working with data

The team makes recommendations based on results of analyses, advocates for ethical data practices, and educates on topics around data and statistics.


Each Analyst typically has a dedicated team which they support, and is then a point of contact (PoC) for that team with regards to data and analytics. Because not every team has dedicated support, but does have a need for this team's expertise, the team also reserves an unspecified minority amount of capacity for projects that do not fit this scope, typically based on the input of Audiences management. The team also accepts requests from anyone in the org, particularly Audiences, depending on the team’s capacity at the time, prioritizing accordingly.

The team also reserves "10 percent time" to work on professional development. The team's interim manager is Jon Katz, who is working on hiring a permanent team manager who will prioritize requests, manage capacity, and professionally develop members of the team.


The Product Analytics team believes that in addition to professional expertise and personal experience, decisions should be supported by data and scientific rigor.

Who's on the team?[edit]


This list was last updated on April 12th, 2018.

Guidelines for data and analysis requests[edit]

See also meta:Research:FAQ#Where_do_I_find_statistics_about_a_specific_product_audience?

How to contact us[edit]

  • If there's someone specific you want to contact, refer to their individual user page.
  • Otherwise, use the mailing list: (formerly