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The Web team is in charge of the reading experiences on the web for the Wikimedia projects. As part of Core Experiences, we work closely with the Growth and Editing teams.

Check out our repository and learn more about:

A few years ago, our team would use the names Reading Web or Readers Web, and before that (until 2015-ish) Mobile Web. You may still find these names used in the documentation.

Current projects[edit]

Preference Persistence For Anonymous Users[edit]

To support upcoming work, we need the ability to store preferences for anonymous users. We are working through the Technical decision making process to define when and how to do this.

Desktop Improvements[edit]

Our desktop interface has been changing over time, yet since the introduction of the Vector skin, most of these changes have been led by volunteers and consolidated into prototypes, user scripts, gadgets, and volunteer-led skins. We think it's time to take some of these ideas and bring them to the default experience. Over the next couple of years, the readers web team will be researching and building out improvements to the desktop experience based on research and existing tools. Our goals are to make Wikipedia more welcoming to new readers and editors, and easier and quicker to use for all (both newcomers and veteran editors). The new skin is currently named "Vector (2022)".



Volunteer contribution[edit]

You can volunteer and help us!

Office hours[edit]

Our goal is to openly discuss our work, and to answer any of your questions. We would like to invite anyone interested in our projects, current and future work, and in particular Desktop Improvements.

Please plan on attending if:

  • You have questions for our team
  • You would like to work with us more closely in the future
  • You want to discuss plans and strategies for our desktop and mobile sites in the future

If you plan on attending, feel free to add your notes to the agenda - this will help us prepare for your questions ahead of time.

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