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We have not created a complete, detailed product specification. Each feature will be built and implemented separately, over time. Features which have been created are still being adjusted and improved.

We are making decisions based on community feedback, individual users who decide to opt-in, and extracted API data. Please feel invited to participate!

Each feature, prior to the deployment on community-led early adopter wikis, is tested on the test and Office wiki.

Header 1: Logo reconfiguration[edit]

  • The new logo is smaller than the current version. This will allow us to later make the header sticky and to provide commonly-used functionality from any portion of the page (without needing to scroll up).
  • Deployment on early adopter wikis: July 2020

Collapsible sidebar[edit]

  • Collapsible sidebar will lead to a cleaner reading and editing experience while continuing to give access to important functionality.
  • Deployment on early adopter wikis: July 2020

Limiting content width[edit]

  • Limiting content width would allow users to read more quickly and lead to better retention of the text itself. In addition, it lowers eye strain while reading.
  • Deployment on early adopter wikis: July 2020

Search 1: Search widget move[edit]

  • The search widget would be moved to a more prominent location.
  • Deployment on early adopter wikis: September 2020

Language switching 1: Language links in the article title bar[edit]

Header 2: Sticky site and article headers[edit]

  • Sticky site and article headers will allow users to access important functionality (logging in/out, edit, talk pages, etc.) without requiring people to scroll to the top of the page.
  • Deployment on early adopter wikis: TBD

Search 2: Search improvements[edit]

  • Search improvements would comprise type-ahead functionality and more interactive content, such as the page image of a page as well as a description of the page itself.
  • Deployment on early adopter wikis: TBD

User menu[edit]

  • User menu would comprise all links related to a user in intuitive place.
  • Deployment on early adopter wikis: TBD

Language switching 2: One-click access to preferred languages[edit]

  • One-click access to preferred languages would highlight the languages that a user is most likely to select. This would allow people to switch languages without requiring them to open the menu itself.
  • Deployment on early adopter wikis: TBD

Table of contents[edit]

  • Table of contents would be sticky (always available while reading).
  • Deployment on early adopter wikis: TBD

Article tools[edit]

  • Article tools (such as what links here, related changes, as well as PDF and download tools) would be moved outside of the sidebar. We believe this change will lead to a more intuitive navigation by making clear the separation of navigation related to the site itself, and navigation related to the page that is being viewed.
  • Deployment on early adopter wikis: TBD

General aesthetic refinements[edit]

  • Once we have all the changes in place, we would like to make some final styling changes to the site that pull the new look together and ensure all changes are consistent with our style guide.
  • Deployment on early adopter wikis: TBD

Visualisation of deployed versions and early concepts[edit]