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Technical and UX debt is a matter of priority to the reading web team. Here, we are displaying a list of themes of technical and UX debt which we have worked on and plan on working on in the following quarters of 2016/2017 (Q2-Q4). This list will be used to communicate technical and UX debt on a sprint-by-sprint basis within the team, as well as to summarize the goals and initiatives we have taken on tackling debt over time. Below each theme, an example of a task which would belong in each theme is displayed for reference.

UX Debt Themes[edit]

UI Standardization[edit]

Perceived Performance[edit]

Visual Design improvements[edit]

  • Alignment issues
  • paddings / margins
  • font sizes



Low grade browser support[edit]

Technical Debt Themes[edit]


  • tweaking something to make the site faster


  • writing accessible HTML


  • addressing code with security issues

team workflows / internal[edit]

  • improving tools used by the team, e.g. replacing jsduck in favor of jsdoc
  • updating tests


  • Making code modular


  • removing dead code

Improvements such as using new approaches[edit]

  • templates rather than inline PHP
  • upstreaming and using the upstreamed modules rather than modules developed in an extension
  • using resource loader image module rather than inlining images in CSS

Developer performance[edit]

  • a list of articles to test against, etc.

Common Themes[edit]

  • Accessibility
  • Low grade browsers
  • Usability