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In order to better understand the feasibility of making special pages more mobile friendly, the Readers Web team have agreed that each page should be scrutinized individually and a report should be generated to help determine which pages are the easiest and most difficult to port.


Below is a suggested framework for analyzing each page. Not all questions need to be answered specifically, a general overview should suffice.


  • Are there tests?
  • Are there any code-smells? including but not limited to:
    • FIXME's in the code
    • very long functions
    • highly nested conditionals
    • anything else that at first glance, needs fixing
  • Are the functions documented? is it JSDoc?


  • Which files produce this page?
  • What large pieces of functionality are there?
  • How much functionality is client-side vs server-side?
  • Does it use OOJS UI?
  • Does it use any outdated frameworks like jQuery UI?
  • Does it have page-specific CSS?
  • What kind of inheritance chains are in place?


  • Has it been worked on recently?
  • Who touched it last?
  • Does it have a assigned or de-facto maintainer? team?

User Experience

  • How does it currently look like on mobile? (take a screenshot)
  • Does it work at all? What functionality works? what doesn't?

Page specific reports[edit]