Product Analytics/Chore Wheel

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Each week, one team member is responsible for:

  • Monitoring and responding to team communications
  • Ensuring incoming tasks are in Phab
  • Taking notes in the Product Analytics Status & Planning team meeting.

For requests received via email or chat:[edit]

Refer people to “File a request” on Phab or office hours if appropriate. Small requests can also be handled directly by the analyst on duty, depending on the analyst's availability.

For requests received via Phab:[edit]

Acknowledge receipt of the request on the ticket. If the request is not time-sensitive, inform the requester that Product Analytics will review and prioritize the request during our next board review meeting. Include the date of the next meeting.

For time-sensitive requests:[edit]

Alert the team in Slack and make sure a decision is made about how the request will be handled. Communicate status of the request and next steps to the requester.