Product Analytics/Chore Wheel

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Each week, one team member is responsible for:

  • Monitoring and responding to team communications
    • At least twice: once at the start of the work day and once near the end before signing off for the day
    • REMINDER: This is chore wheel, not an "on call" situation so please don't do this outside of your working hours
  • Ensuring incoming tasks are in Phabricator
  • Taking notes in the Product Analytics Status & Planning team meeting

NOTE: If you are scheduled to be on chore wheel during a vacation, it is up to you to make the necessary arrangements (e.g. by switching chore wheel weeks with someone).

Responding to requests[edit]

Received via email[edit]

  • Requests for advice or quick asks:
    • Refer people to office hours if appropriate.
    • Small requests (rule of thumb: time invested should be no more than 30 minutes) can also be handled directly by the team member on duty, depending on the team member’s availability. Reply-all to product-analytics@ so the team knows the request is handled.
  • Requests that need to be triaged:
    • Create a Phab ticket with the information provided in the request
      • EXCEPTION: Sensitive requests, such as Legal requests: create a placeholder Phab ticket for tracking purposes, but do not include potentially sensitive information
    • Respond with the template and 5 questions. Include a link to Phab ticket and date of next board review.
    • Update the Phab ticket with responses to the 5 questions, when provided.

Received via Phabricator[edit]

Acknowledge receipt of the request on the ticket. If the request is not time-sensitive, inform the requester that Product Analytics will review and prioritize the request during our next board review meeting. Include the date of the next meeting.

Urgent or time-sensitive requests[edit]

Alert the team in Slack and make sure a decision is made about how the request will be handled. Communicate status of the request and next steps to the requester.