Product Analytics/Chore Wheel

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Each week, one team member is responsible for:

  • Monitoring and responding to team communications
  • Ensuring incoming tasks are in Phab
  • Taking notes in the Product Analytics Status & Planning team meeting.

Responding to requests[edit]

Received via email, chat, or the request form[edit]

Refer people to “File a request” on Phab or office hours if appropriate. Small requests can also be handled directly by the analyst on duty, depending on the analyst's availability.

For requests received via the request form, reply to the alert email with a quick note so that the rest of the team knows it has been handled.

Received via Phab[edit]

Acknowledge receipt of the request on the ticket. If the request is not time-sensitive, inform the requester that Product Analytics will review and prioritize the request during our next board review meeting. Include the date of the next meeting.

Time-sensitive requests[edit]

Alert the team in Slack and make sure a decision is made about how the request will be handled. Communicate status of the request and next steps to the requester.