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The Product Analytics team is responsible for defining and calculating a set of metrics for the overall health of the movement.

For current definitions, see Wikimedia Audiences/Data dictionary#Core metrics. For our most recent movement metrics report, see Wikimedia Audiences#Metrics.

We report these metrics monthly by the 15th of the following month (or the next business day if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday).

Our reports are used in the following ways:

  • Reviewed in the Product Leads meeting on the 4th Tuesday of the month.
  • Posted on Wikimedia Product for public access
  • Compiled on a quarterly basis for presentation to the Board of Trustees
  • Compiled and evaluated on a quarterly basis, along with explorations of trends and drivers, for the Quarterly Insights Meeting



The contributors metrics are calculated on one of the SWAP hosts using the wikimedia-research/Editing-movement-metrics repo from GitHub. The repo's readme contains full instructions.


The readers metrics are calculated on one of the SWAP hosts using the wikimedia-research/Readers-core-metrics from GitHub. The repo's readme contains full instructions.


  1. Update the numbers in the movement metrics tables preparation spreadsheet, which has exactly the format used in the final report. When you paste the new numbers in, make sure to "paste values only" so the formatting is preserved.
  2. Copy the tables from the spreadsheet into the appropriate places in the key product metrics: board slide deck.If asked, paste them unlinked so we can keep changing the spreadsheet without unintentionally changing the slides for past months.
  3. Briefly identify any key trends (the "what") next to the tables; detailed analysis (the "why") can wait until the quarterly insights meeting.
  4. Once the slides are completed,
    1. write an email to the report's key consumers letting them know that it's finished. As of June 2019, these are Kate Zimmerman, Jon Katz, Danny Horn, and Toby Negrin.
    2. upload the month's slides to Commons as a PDF (you can use the May 2020 report as a guide), and add “WMF Product Analytics” category when uploading.
    3. update Wikimedia Audiences#Metrics and Product_Analytics page to include the PDF you just uploaded.