Wikimedia Research/Office hours


Wikimedia Research Office Hours are personal consultation hours with individual team members from the Research team. They are open to anyone interested and are meant to address questions regarding proposed or in-progress research work, information on how to access datasets or run an analysis, receive updates on ongoing work by the Wikimedia Research team, learn more about programming and initiatives led by the Wikimedia Research team, explore collaborations, and more.

We recommend using office hours as the “first stop” when attempting to launch a research project for which you would like to seek our team’s input or to communicate with our team in a high bandwidth synchronous way.


We invite you to schedule individual consultation sessions with a member of the Research team. Please note that scheduling requires you to use services independent from the Wikimedia Foundation. For more information on usage policies of Google Calendar, please refer to Google's Privacy Policy. When scheduling your appointment, please provide a description of the topic or question that you wish to discuss.

Team Member Main projects and expertise Scheduling Link
Claudia Lo Design Research qualitative methods, online volunteer moderation, anti-harassment/anti-abuse Office hours booking page
Pablo Aragon knowledge integrity, disinformation, verifiability, community governance, network analysis, nlp, data visualization Schedule
Eli Asikin-Garmager Design Research Schedule (On sabbatical from April 29, 2024 to July 12, 2024)
Bethany Gerdemann Research operations, participant recruitment, Wikimedia Commons user research Ping me or schedule a meeting directly
Martin Gerlach readers&navigation, readability, links&networks, tools for parsing wikitext&html, machine learning&nlp Schedule
Kinneret Gordon Research Community Schedule
Isaac Johnson knowledge gaps, ethical AI, NLP and tools for Wikimedia data, recommender systems Schedule
Fabian Kaelin Research engineering, data pipelines Schedule
Yu-Ming Liou Knowledge Gaps Schedule
Caroline Myrick Knowledge Gaps, language and Incubator data, developer satisfaction survey, data visualization Schedule
Miriam Redi Knowledge Gaps Schedule
Diego Saez Trumper Knowledge Integrity Schedule
Gabriel Escalante Sobrino Design Research, Qualitative Methods, Human-centered Design & Project definition Consultation. Schedule
Leila Zia I am accountable for the Wikimedia Foundation's research direction and the way we do research at WMF. I am happy to talk with you about topics related to that. I also act as a catch-all for all other Wikimedia research related topics of your interest. Schedule

Office Hours Notes[edit]

In order to keep track of the various discussions conducted during office hours, we have started an Etherpad that will allow team members and attendees to take notes of their discussions. This is meant to serve as a valuable resource for anyone seeking information on topics and questions addressed by the research team.

WMF Research Office Hours Etherpad

Additional information[edit]

For specific questions related to Wikidata, see also the online office hours over at Wikidata.

If you have further questions, comments, or suggestions related to office hours, please leave a comment on the talk-page.

Past events[edit]

Between January 2020 and July 2022, we organized almost 30 public office hours where multiple people could join the call at once. We have changed the format of the office hours to one-on-one since. However, if you want to learn more about topics covered in those early days of our office hours, you can do so at .