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Mark-patches needing review[edit]



Gerrit change 81147 
Errors for missing required fields - nice to have for developers
Gerrit change 76210 
Backend and infrastructure changes - necessary for 76198
Gerrit change 76198 
Redesign a bit
Gerrit change 77074 
Link in upper right hand corner


Gerrit change 80945 
Jshint fixes 1
Gerrit change 80947 
Jshint fixes 2: electric boogaloo
Gerrit change 80954 
Jshint fixes the third
Gerrit change 79917 
Trivial-ish change to remove stupid redundant library
Gerrit change 80058 
Bugfix to remove deprecated methods
Gerrit change 81444 
Critical bugfix in UploadWizard

Bryan-patches needing review[edit]


bawolff-patches needing review[edit]


Metadata API

Gerrit change 78926 
Hook definition}
Gerrit change 78162 
Support for multiple languages
Gerrit change 67047 
Parser function
Gerrit change 78815 
API module for common metadata
Gerrit change 80403 
Commons-specific extension

Yuvi-patches needing review[edit]


UploadWizard Campaigns

Gerrit change 81453 
Much sexier view for Campaign pages

Other people who want review[edit]


Gerrit change 66561 
Support more than one template (experimental)
Gerrit change 76356 
Loading templates via TemplateData, relies on 66561
Gerrit change 3808 
Drag and drop uploading (maybe refactor, pretty old patch)
with owner Nischayn22, in project mediawiki/extensions/UploadWizard and open 
Could use a lot of love