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P8, Javier[edit]

  • Age: 21 years
  • Location: Apizaco, Mexico
  • Gender: M
  • Occupation: Student & restaurant worker
  • Education: High school
  • Internet access: Telcel on phone, no internet at the house
  • Technical comfort: unknown
  • Smartphone icon - Noun Project 283536.svg Noun 185821 cc.svg Noun project 143222.svg

Day in the life[edit]

Work & education[edit]

Javier spends his days going to school and around the house. He also works at a restaurant and is starting a rehabilitation center for addicts in a home that his aunt owns. He sometimes likes to go clubbing on the weekends. 


Javier would like to move to Florida with his fiancé, who he will marry, and daughter sometime in the future. He would like to teach Spanish classes and learn English.


He has a 1 year old daughter, but lives for the time being with his sister and mother before he gets married. His daughter lives with her mother.

There is currently no internet at his house because the ISP (TELMEX) hasn't wired the neighborhood yet. They have internet a half a block away and expect to get it at the house soon. He uses a hotspot from his phone to use computers online at the house.


Javier asks friends and family questions before he goes online. He gets some definitions from Wikipedia and also uses Rincon del Vago, books, and guides for school.

Javier uses YouTube for watching instructional videos and getting the news. He also finds news through Facebook. He used to use Yahoo answers but doesn't much anymore.


Javier's only language is Spanish. Sometimes when he finds content in English online, he uses Google translate to translate specific words in order to piece together the content since he does not find Google translation of paragraphs or pages intelligible.

Editing & Wikipedia perception[edit]

Javier did not know how Wikipedia is created and has never tried to edit. He thought that maybe students put homework on it. He uses it for school, but is told not to by his teachers because they don't want students doing copy/paste.

He always finds Wikipedia in the top Google results.

Online shopping & donations[edit]

We did not ask Pedro questions related to online shopping and donations.== Devices ==

Smartphone icon - Noun Project 283536.svg

iPhone 4 with data plan through Telcel, paid per MB at the end of the month. Uses it mostly for youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Google Maps.

Noun 185821 cc.svg

Samsung Galaxy, only for games and the camera. Connects to the internet by wifi, but there's no wifi at the house yet.

Noun project 143222.svg

Uses the laptop to get online via a hotspot and for editing documents.