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P15, Anonymous[edit]

  • Age: 25 years
  • Location: Apizaco, Mexico, Mexico
  • Gender: F
  • Occupation: elementary school science teacher
  • Education: studied education science. level unclear
  • Internet access: Telmex wifi at home. no data plan on phone.
  • Technical comfort: 2-3
  • Smartphone icon - Noun Project 283536.svg Noun project 143222.svg

Day in the life[edit]

Work & education[edit]

P15 works as a teacher, teaching science in elementary school. She studied science education before becoming a teacher. She also spent a year working in the tourism industry in Cancun.


In five years, P15 would like to be single and living in Italy.


P15 lives with her mother, sister, and sister's husband.


P15 would like to continue to learn new teaching methodologies. S

She is also interested in learning how to bartend.


P15 speaks Spanish and is learning some English from a program she got from her sister. She is also interested in learning to speak Italian and Portuguese, though she isn't pursuing either of those now.

Editing & Wikipedia perception[edit]

P15 learned about Wikipedia in middle school, probably to look up a biography. She trusts the content because it is robust and often matches what she has in her mind. She finds the content to be well organized. She visits the site rarely, maybe once a month.

She did not know that anyone can edit and has not tried.

Online shopping & donations[edit]

P15 has shopped online primarily for items she can't find in Puebla (for example certain styles of a bag). She does not really trust that the items will be delivered. She has a debit card and has used offline bank transfer.

She has not donated online. She sometimes gives money to people on the street (unclear if canvassers).== Devices ==

Smartphone icon - Noun Project 283536.svg

iPhone 5 with no active data plan. She occasionally buys a data package, but usually tries to use wifi only because data is expensive. Uses for Whatsapp, Facebook, and other media.

Noun project 143222.svg

HP (windows, 5 years old). Uses mostly for word and youtube.