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Thaur's twa-three waas tae get in contact wi ither MediaWiki uisers and developers, or tae follea Wikimedia and MediaWiki relatit news.


Fer halp wi the MediaWiki saffware

Thaur's twa three forums boot the internet whaur ye can get halp baith wi uisin MediaWiki n wi settin up MediaWiki.


There are a few chat servers where help can be found depending on the topic:

  1. MediaWiki unofficial (Discord) - Topics include wiki installation, operation, skinning, custom developments (details)
  2. Wikimedia Chat (Mattermost) - For movement-wide discussions, not just technical matters. Started in September 2020 (details)
  3. Outreachy programs chat (Zulip) - For Outreach programs (details)
  4. Hackathon chat (Telegram @wmhack group) - For Hackathon related questions (details)


#mediawiki connect oan is the roond-the-clock IRC real-time tauk channel fer technical speirins.

  • State yer proablem immeedeeatelie n wait fer ae response. Dinna say "is thaur oniebodie here" or "can somebodie halp me". This is normal IRC etiquette n allous parteecipants tae multitask effecteevelie.
  • Expect tae wait fer ae while fer aen ineetial response, especiallie in aff-peak times. Despite this, oot o courtesie fer the volunteer that's heelpin ye, ettle tae answer thair speirinns promptlie.

Gif ye dinna get aen answer, this coud mean yin o ae nummer o things:

  • Nawbodie wis roond at the time o day that ye chose. Gif the channel is generallie quiet, come back later.
  • Ye'r speirin ae speirin that nawbodie kens the answer tae, or that needs ae lot o wairk tae answer.

Mailin leets

Thaur's several Mailing lists available. The recommended yins ar:

  • mediawiki-l (or bi wa o Gmane) (or bi wa o yer newsreader) is the hei-traffic mailin leet tae speir fer halp wi uisin or settin up MediaWiki.
  • $4 (or [$5 bi wa o Gmane]) (or [$6 bi wa o yer newsreader]) is the hei-traffic mailin leet fer baith MediaWiki n Wikimedia sffware deveelopment.
  • $7 (or [$8 bi wa o Gmane]) (or [$9 bi way o yer newsreader]) is ae law-traffic leet fer announcements o new MediaWiki releases n securitie updates (aw messages gae tae $MWL n aw).
  • wikitech-ambassadors Announcements aneat upcomin changes oan Wikimedia wabstieds. Fer the maist pairt, this leet is aimed at end uisers o Wikimedia wikis, no the MediaWiki saffware in general.

Social Media

Follae the MediaWiki accoonts:

Mair details at Social media .



See Wikimedia's Tech/News n aw, this covers aw the techneecal acteevitie happenin aw ower the Wikimedia muivment.


  • Thaur's twa-three MediaWiki Groups that could be a guid fit fer yer location or interests.


  • Phabricator is whaur featur requests n bugs can be reportit or broused.
  • Translatewiki is ae MediaWiki steid that allous collaborateev owersetin, inclaedin o MediaWiki saffware.