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MediaWiki Flower
Fundamental Introduction to MediaWiki

Thaur's several waas tae get in contact wi ither MediaWiki uisers or tae get instant heelp.


Thir's guid first steps:

  • Mak sair that ye hae aen email confirmed n email annooncemants enabled in yer preferances.
  • "Watch" (clap the stair icon o) the pages that ye want tae follae n perhaps contreebute til.
  • Aw the better gif ye fynd ae MediaWiki Groop that matches yer location or interests!


#mediawiki oan is the roond-the-clock IRC channelMediaWiki on IRC fer realtime communication. Gif ye dinna hae aen IRC client, uise wab tauk.

  • Please read the FAQHelp:FAQ afore speirin.
  • State yer proablem immeedeeatelie n wait fer ae response. Dinna say "is thaur oniebodie here" or "can somebodie heelp me". This is normal IRC etiquette n allous parteecipants tae multítask effecteevelie.
  • Expect tae wait fer ae while fer aen ineetial response, especiallie in aff-peak times. Despite this, oot o courtesie fer the volunteer that's heelpin ye, ettle tae answer thair speirinns promptlie.

Gif ye dinna get aen answer, this coud mean yin o ae nummer o things:

  • Nawbodie wis roond at the time o day that ye chose. Gif the channel is generallie quiet, come back later.
  • Ye'r speirin ae speirin that nawbodie kens the answer tae, or that needs ae lot o wairk tae answer.
  • Ye'r speirin ae speirin that's in the ASS, the help, the manual, or ither documentation, n the volunteers in the channel feel that it wid be best gif ye foond it yersel.

Speirins relatin til proablems wi yer parteecular instawation o MediaWiki ar generallie best answered oan IRC, sin thay aften need ae back-n-forth exchange tae isolate the proablem, this is teedeeoos whan dun oan the mailin leets.

Mailin leets

Get in contact!

Thaur's several mailin leetsMailing lists available. The recommended yins ar:

Please check the archyves first! Aw three leets ar available throo Gmane n aw, this gies access aes newsgroops or in sindrie wab-based formats, n incluids its ain archyves n archyve rake.


Follae the MediaWiki accoonts:

Mair details at Social mediaSocial media.


The Wikimedia Blog haes ae tech section speceeficlie fer news n information fae the Wikimedia Foondation’s Technologie department (link - RSS feed).


Ingils Wikipædia's Signpost haes ae regular technologie report wi content relatit til acteevitie wiin Wikimedia Foondation’s Technologie department.

Also see Wikimedia's Tech/News, which covers all the technical activity happening across the Wikimedia movement.


  • Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki wis formerlie whaur documents were managed n proposals were discussed afore this steid wis stairtit. Thaur's still ae heap o content thaur that's no been muived.
  • PharicatorPhabricator is whaur featur requests n bugs can be reportit or broused.
  • Translatewiki is a MediaWiki site that allows collaborative translation, including of MediaWiki software.


Fer heelp wi the MediaWiki saffware

Tae tauk aneat this steid,