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ٻين ذريعات‌وڪي واپرائيندڙن سان لهہ‌وچڙ ۾ اچڻ يا مدد حاصل ڪرڻ جا ڪيترا ئي رستا آهن.


هتي ڪي ابتدائي وکون ڄاڻائجن ٿيون:

  • Make sure you have an email address confirmed and email notifications enabled in your mediawiki.org preferences.
  • "Watch" (click the star icon of) the pages you want to follow and perhaps contribute to.
  • All the better if you find a MediaWiki Group that matches your location or interests!


#mediawiki on irc.freenode.net is the around-the-clock IRC channel for real-time communication. If you don't have an IRC client, use web chat.

  • Please read the Help:FAQ before asking.
  • State your problem immediately and wait for a response. Don't ask "is there anyone here" or "can someone help me". This is normal IRC etiquette and allows participants to multitask effectively.
  • Expect to wait for some time for an initial response, especially in off-peak times. Despite this, out of courtesy for the volunteer who is helping you, try to answer their questions promptly.

جيڪڏهن توهان کي ڪا ورندي نہ ٿي ملي، تہ ان جو سبب هيٺين مان ڪو بہ ٿي سگھي ٿو:

  • ڏينهن جي جنهن ويل توهان آيا، ان وقت ڪو بہ موجود نہ هو. جيڪڏهن چينل تي گھڻي قدر خاموشي هجي، تہ ڪنهن ٻي وقت اچي ڏسندا.
  • توهان جي سوال جو جواب ڪنهن وٽ بہ ڪونهي، يا ان جي جواب لاءِ گھڻي محنت درڪار آهي.
  • توهان ڪو اهڙو سوال پڇيو آهي، جنهن جو جواب ڪپوس، مدد، دستينامو، يا ڪنهن ٻي دستاويزسازيءَ ۾ ڏنل آهي؛ ۽ مددگار سمجھن ٿا تہ بهترين ڳالهہ اها آهي تہ توهان پاڻ ان جو جواب ڳولي لهو.

Questions relating to problems with your particular installation of MediaWiki are generally best answered on IRC, since they often require a back-and-forth exchange to isolate the problem, which is tedious when performed on the mailing lists.

مراسلاتي فهرست

لهہ‌وچڙ ۾ اچو!

ڪيتريون ئي Mailing lists موجود آهن. هيٺين جي سفارش ڪجي ٿي.

Please check the archives first! All three lists are also available through Gmane which provides access as newsgroups or in various web-based formats, and includes its own archives and archive search.

فيس بوڪ/ٽوئيٽر

ذريعات‌وڪي کاتن جي پوئواري ڪريو:

وڌيڪ ڄاڻڻ لاءِ ڏسندا سماجي ميڊيا .



English Wikipedia's Signpost has a regular technology report with content related to activity within Wikimedia Foundation’s Technology department. پڻ ڏسنا وڪي‌ذريعات جون ٽيڪ خبرون، جن ۾ وڪي‌ذريعات تحريڪ تي پيش ايندڙ سمورين سيگرمين جي خبرچار موجود آهي.

ويب سرزمينون

  • Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki was formerly where documents were managed and proposals were discussed before this site was started. There is still a lot of content there that has yet to be moved.
  • فيبريڪيٽر is where feature requests and bugs may be reported or browsed.
  • Translatewiki is a MediaWiki site that allows collaborative translation, including of MediaWiki software.


ذريعات‌وڪي منطقگريءَ تي مدد لاءِ

There are a few forums around the internet where you can get help both with using MediaWiki and with setting up MediaWiki.

ذريعات‌وڪي ڊاٽ او آر جي تي بحث لاءِ