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Name Description Subscribers
Tech Showcase Fresh software for Wikimedia caught on the spot. Plans, prototypes, releases... Do you have a scoop? Tell us in the Talk page! 96
New Developers Quarterly Updates from activities for new developers in the Wikimedia movement, including metrics, survey analysis, key findings, and lessons learned. 22
Translators The translation newsletter will inform you about pages that require translation efforts (regular newsletters, particular announcements, etc.). This is an alternative to the translators mailing list. If you subscribe, you will receive a notification with a direct link to a page to translate. Don't forget to activate [[help:cross-wiki notifications|cross-wiki notifications]] to be informed about a new item. 19
Newsletter² The newsletter about the Newsletter extension. Announcements, calls for feedback, and some dogfooding too. 17
הפומפיה עדכונים שוטפים על ידיעות חדשות בדף ויקיפדיה:חדשות 17
Readers Monthly Status updates from the Wikimedia Readers team. 10
TechCom Radar This newsletter covers the public minutes of the weekly meeting of the Wikimedia Technical Committee (TechCom). These minutes are also published in the regular TechCom Radar mail to wikitech-l. 10
Discovery Weekly An attempt to keep interested people up-to-date on what the Discovery team is working on. 9
The Community Tech Newsletter News about Community Tech – wishlist, survey, development, features. 5