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The content of all Wikimedia projects is released under free licenses. Write code to access, remix and grow this immense pool of free knowledge. Follow the tutorial to get started with the API, available on all MediaWiki wikis, and other APIs for content and Wikidata. Other open data sources, including XML and SQL dumps, are also available.
Our code is all free and open source. Choose a project, provide a patch, and fix a task!

Wikimedia projects use a variety of languages such as PHP and JavaScript in MediaWiki and its extensions, Lua (in Templates), CSS/LESS (in skins etc.), Objective-C, Swing and Java (in Mobile Apps and Kiwix), Python (in Pywikibot), C++ (in Huggle), or C# (in AWB). Create bots to process content and host your tools on Toolforge. Hack on mobile apps or on desktop applications. Or help Site Reliability Engineering maintain the server configuration.

Learn more at New Developers/Introduction to the Wikimedia Technical Ecosystem .
Help improve the quality of our projects through PHPUnit testing, automated browser testing via Selenium, and Continuous Integration. Report your first bug or help with existing bug reports.
As a Tech ambassador, help other Wikimedians with technical issues, relay Tech News to inform users about what is going to impact them, and join the ambassadors' group and the mailing list to act as a bridge between developers and your local wiki.
English writers can improve the MediaWiki documentation, other essential support pages and, in fact, any page of this website.
If you are fluent in a language other than English you can join the effort by translating this website and the MediaWiki software.
Help users and developers looking for answers at the support desk or the MediaWiki communication and social media channels.
Help apply the Wikimedia design principles in projects looking for UX feedback.
Meet other community members online or in person.
Ta yaya-zan shiryar da kuma daukaka cigaban MediaWiki da fasahar Wikimedia

Karin bayanai masu Taimakawa


  • There are several ways you can get into contact with the Wikimedia community.
  • Haka nan za ku iya bi da kuma yada labaran Wikimedia a cikin social network
  • Hakanan zaku iya biyan kudi zuwa ga Tech News don karbar takaitaccen bayani karshen mako a kan shafin tattaunawar mai amfani da canje-canjen software na kwanan nan, ba tare da fasahar jargon ba.

Gyara da tattaunawa a cikin MediaWiki

Idan baku taba amfani da MediaWiki ba tun abaya: