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This page introduces the basics of Wikimedia technical documentation. It links to resources to help you find technical documentation, improve your docs or your writing, and get involved in contributing to Wikimedia technical documentation efforts.

What is technical documentation?

Technical documentation refers to any documentation that contains information regarding a technical product, process, or task. This page focuses on technical documentation for MediaWiki and related software, including the infrastructure, tools and other technologies that power Wikimedia projects.

Get started

Find documentation

Wikimedia has many technical projects, so technical documentation exists in multiple locations.

Improve your documentation

Use templates, best practices, and checklists to help you audit and improve docs.

Learn about writing

Find style guides and tips to help you write clearly and effectively.

Get involved in doc work

Help improve Wikimedia technical documentation, connect with the community, and learn about outreach programs.

Get help

Find help for documentation questions

Ask documentation questions on Talk:Documentation, or in any of the forums listed on the Communication page.

File documentation bugs or requests

Learn how and where to record potential doc tasks.