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Cemût contribuî

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Il contignût di ducj i progjets Wikimedia al ven publicât cun licence libare. Scrîf codiç par jentrâ, inzornâ e fâ cressi chest grant contignidôr di cognossince gratuite. Va daûr dal tutorial par scomençâ cu la API, disponibile su dutis lis pagjinis wiki di Mediwiki, e altris APIs par contignûts e Wikidata. A son disponibilis ancje altris sorzints di dâts viertis, includûts XML e scarics (dumps) di SQL.
Dut il nestri codiç al è libar e a codiç viert (open source). Sielç un progjet, mande un blec (patch) e risolf un probleme!

I progjets di Wikimedia a doprin plui lengaçs di programazion, come PHP e JavaScript in MediaWiki e lis sôs estensions, Lua (tai modei), CSS/LESS (pes skins, ecc), Objective-C, Swing e Java (tes apps mobilis e Kiwix), Python (in Pywikibot), C++ (in Huggle), o C# (in AWB). Crea bots par elaborâ contignûts e cjame i tiei struments su ToolForge. Daspe su lis apps mobilis o su lis aplicazions par scritori. Opûr jude la Inzegnarie de afidabilitât dal sît Wikimedia te manutenzion de configurazion dal servidôr.

Learn more at New Developers/Introduction to the Wikimedia Technical Ecosystem .
Judinus a miorâ la cualitât dai nestris progjets cu lis provis su PHPUnit, provis di navigazion automatizadis midiant Selenium, e cuntune integrazion continue. Segnale il to prin erôr che tu cjatis o judinus cu lis segnalazions di erôr za publicadis.
As a Tech ambassador, help other Wikimedians with technical issues, relay Tech News to inform users about what is going to impact them, and join the ambassadors' group and the mailing list to act as a bridge between developers and your local wiki.
English writers can improve the MediaWiki documentation, other essential support pages and, in fact, any page of this website.
If you are fluent in a language other than English you can join the effort by translating this website and the MediaWiki software.
Help users and developers looking for answers at the support desk or the MediaWiki communication and social media channels.
Help apply the Wikimedia design principles in projects looking for UX feedback.
Meet other community members online or in person.
How-to guides and walkthroughs for MediaWiki and Wikimedia technologies

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Editing and discussing in MediaWiki

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