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That is the place for translators, where beginners get help for a start. And advanced users to find other information on prepare pages to mark for translation. So you should first get to know how it works, before start translation of pages.

The uses the Extension:Translate for localization. This wiki is a place, where you may find detailed information about it. See Help:Extension:Translate . More info for the genesis of localization methods is on Project:Language policy .

If you want to help us with a translation[edit]

Is recommend for introduction read the page with example using of Translate. At work follow the best practices.

For next info, about other translators into the language, which interested you, go to page Project:Translation

Beginner translator[edit]

For the novice is the best start translation on any message from a page, where was started translation by another translator. Original translator very likely tracks such a page, so your translations probably will soon checked. If any mistakes in your work, he fixes it. It is one of more good reasons, for the watching pages.

If you want, you can do discuss between translators of your native language on talk page, which is paired with subpage code of your lang (if exists).

For advance translators[edit]

If you can learn more how to prepare a page for translation, go to here. At the end of this work, you need to wait, until the prepared page is processed by the Translation administrator, which to mark this page for translation.

Translation administrators[edit]

Mark pages to translate may only users with permission of group Translate administrator. If you wait a long time for marking, you may do request for it to any member of this list.


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