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This page is a translated version of the page Translator hub and the translation is 20% complete.
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This is the place for translators, where beginners find help to start out. Advanced users can find out how to mark pages for translation. So you should first get to know how it works, before starting to translate pages. uses the Extension:Translate for localisation. This wiki is a place where you may find detailed information about it. Tsham-ua̍t Help:Extension:Translate . You can find more information for beginners on Project:Language policy .

If you want to help us with a translation

It is recommended to read the Translation example page for an introduction to using the Translation extension. At work, follow the best practices.

For more information on the translation project for your language, go to Project:Translation .

Sin-ê huan-i̍k-tsiá

For beginners, it is best to start the translation of any message on a page where another translator already has started to translate. The original translator is very likely to track your edit, so your translations will probably soon be checked. If there are any mistakes in your work, they fix it. It is one of more good reasons, for the watching pages.

If you want, you can discuss between translators of your native language on the talk page, which is paired with the subpage code of your language (if exists).

Tuì ko-kip huan-i̍k jîn-guân

If you want to learn more on how to prepare a page for translation, visit here. At the end of this work, you need to wait until the prepared page is processed by the Translation administrator who marks this page for translation.

Huan-i̍k hîng-tsìng jîn-guân

Only users in the group Translate administrator may mark pages for translation. If you have waited for a page to be marked a certain amount of time, you may request any user in this list to do it.