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MediaWiki extensions manual - list
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Release status: stable

Implementation Special page, Locale, API
Description Enables in-wiki translation and proofreading
Author(s) Niklas Laxström, Siebrand Mazeland and others
Latest version Dated snapshots from time to time
MediaWiki 1.21+
Database changes Yes
Composer mediawiki/translate
License GPL 2.0 or later
Download Included in Language Extension Bundle

User documentation
Example Translatewiki.net – or try how to translate a page now

Translate the Translate extension if possible

Check usage and version matrix; code metrics
Bugs: list open list all report

The Translate extension makes MediaWiki a powerful tool to translate every kind of text. It's used especially to translate software and to manage multilingual wikis in a sensible way.

Features[edit | edit source]

The Translate extension has many features specifically targeted to translators, while making back-end integration with actual source code as easy as possible. Meanwhile, everything runs inside MediaWiki, which allows users an almost endless degree of freedom for communication and self-organization.

Features include:

  • Structured wiki content page translation.
  • In-wiki localisation and exporting of software interface messages (or just about anything).
  • AJAX enabled web-based translation and proofreading in supported browsers (new "TUX" interface since March 2013), as well as gettext based export and import for off-line translation.
  • Various aids to make the job of translators easier:
    • display of translations in globally defined other languages, optionally expanded with user defined languages;
    • collaborative editing of documentation of the use and context of messages;
    • translation memory and machine translation with external tools (tmserver, Apertium, Microsoft Translator, Yandex.Translate);
    • display of the latest change in the source message;
    • warnings about common mistakes like parameters that are not used.
  • Pre-made modules for various open source products you can use as an example.
  • A versatile plug-in system to make it easy to add new projects as a message group.
  • Various statistics (requires PHPlot for graphics):
    • translation completion percentages for all message groups in all supported languages;
    • translation completion percentages in all supported languages for any supported message group;
    • tool for making activity graphs for spans of time. Can display either number of edits or active users daily or hourly and includes many filters;
    • cloud overview of active languages and translators.
Making Multilingual Wikis a Reality: this presentation shows how the Translate extension can make a wiki truly multilingual, based on the experience of KDE UserBase wiki.
Niklas Laxström, Translating the wiki way: Simple, fast, fun, Wikimania 2012 (slides available).

Translate extension, due to its large user base, is confirmed to be compatible with all reasonably recent browsers, except some minor (style) glitches which are quickly fixed.

Support and documentation[edit | edit source]

Translate extension is using continuous development model, which means we are not doing any releases. You should get the latest version from git and update from time to time to get new features and bug fixes. The core functionality is pretty stable, but there may be bigger changes from time to time. We might start doing actual releases if there is enough interest.

Translate extension was originally developed by User:Nikerabbit; many other users, like User:Raymond, User:SPQRobin and the Wikimedia Language Engineering team, have contributed to its code and documentation. It is maintained by User:Nikerabbit and User:Siebrand.

Prominent users of the Translate extension[edit | edit source]

  • http://translatewiki.net — The biggest wiki-based site and community for translation of the interface of open source software.
  • http://userbase.kde.org — Documentation wiki for KDE project which uses the page translation feature extensively.
  • http://meta.wikimedia.org — Translates wiki content and uses the group states feature. Translation and translation review is enabled almost for all users of the wiki.

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How to contribute[edit | edit source]

Recent changes[edit | edit source]

Merge "Translation search for elastic search backend"
Merge "Translation search for elastic search backend"
— 2014-04-15 14:52:23
Translation search for elastic search backend
Translation search for elastic search backend

Abstracted the search backend away from Special:SearchTranslations.

Change-Id: <a href="https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#q...
— 2014-04-14 05:37:06
Replace deprecated methog usages
Replace deprecated methog usages

Change-Id: <a href="https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#q,I2cbfb2c7fea8253bf9aeb1a5fb4a87dbada7eb71,n,z">I2cbfb2c7fea8253bf9aeb1a5fb4a87dba...
— 2014-04-11 10:29:15
Various fixes in documentation and such
Various fixes in documentation and such

* Replace deprecated methods. Bumps version requirement to 1.21.x.

Change-Id: <a href="https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#q,Ie21f2...
— 2014-04-10 16:44:08
Merge "Remove zh-[cn|tw] in favour of zh-han[s|t]"
Merge &quot;Remove zh-[cn|tw] in favour of zh-han[s|t]&quot;
— 2014-04-10 14:42:06
Merge "Remove classes used for supporting the old MediaWiki core format"
Merge &quot;Remove classes used for supporting the old MediaWiki core format&quot;
— 2014-04-10 14:40:57

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