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Dette er en fortegnelse over alle understøttede konfigurationsmuligheder baseret på DefaultSettings.php filen.

Ret aldrig DefaultSettings.php; men kopiér de relevante linjer til LocalSettings.php/da i stedet for og foretag ændringer efter behov.

Alfabetisk liste | Funktionsinddelt liste | Category:MediaWiki configuration settings

Generelle indstillinger[edit source]

  • $wgProto (forældet i 1.18) - The URL prefix defining the protocol in use.
  • $wgServer - The base URL of the server.
  • $wgServerName (forældet i 1.17) - The name of the server without the protocol. (eg,
  • $wgCanonicalServer - Canonical URL of the server, to use in IRC feeds and notification e-mails.
  • $wgSitename - The name of the site. Should be changed
  • $wgVersion - Contains the current version of MediaWiki, as displayed to the user. You should not change this!

Stier[edit source]

See also TeX for LaTeX specific path settings.
See also Uploads for file/image upload path settings.
See also Skins for skins path settings.

Globale Objekter[edit source]

  • $wgConf - Create a site configuration object. Not used for much in a default install.

Email indstillinger[edit source]

See Also User Access: $wgEmailConfirmToEdit

Email notifikation (Enotif) indstillinger[edit source]

Actual notifications for each user are defined in the options. You can change defaults with $wgDefaultUserOptions.
  • $wgEnotifFromEditor - Email notifications appear to be coming from the page editor (not from Wiki server)
  • $wgEnotifImpersonal - Send a generic mail instead of a personalised mail for each user.
  • $wgEnotifMaxRecips - Maximum number of users to mail at once when using impersonal mail.
  • $wgEnotifMinorEdits - Email notifications also for "minor edits" (user preference is shown and user needs to opt-in)
  • $wgEnotifRevealEditorAddress - reply-to address of Email notifications may be filled with page editor's address (user preference is shown and user needs to opt-in)
  • $wgEnotifUseJobQ - Send mails via the job queue.
  • $wgEnotifUseRealName - Use real name instead of username in e-mail "from" field
  • $wgEnotifUserTalk - Email notifications can be sent for first change on a user_talk page (user preference is shown and user needs to opt-in)
  • $wgEnotifWatchlist - Email notifications can be sent for the first change on watched pages (user preference is shown and user needs to opt-in)
  • $wgUsersNotifiedOnAllChanges (formerly $wgUsersNotifedOnAllChanges!) - Array of usernames who will be sent a notification email for every change which occurs on a wiki

Database indstillinger[edit source]

LoadBalancer indstillinger[edit source]

MySQL-specifikt[edit source]

PostgreSQL-specifikt[edit source]

  • $wgDBmwschema - Schema that Postgres stores the MediaWiki tables in. Defaults to 'mediawiki'
  • $wgDBts2schema - Schema that the Tsearch2 tables live in for Postgres. Defaults to 'public'

SQLite-specifikt[edit source]

Delt DB indstillinger[edit source]

Understøttelse af komprimeret lagring[edit source]

  • $wgCompressRevisions - If this is set on, all future revisions will be compressed on page save, but only if zlib support is available and enabled in PHP.
  • $wgDisableOutputCompression - Disable output compression (compression is enabled by default if zlib is available).

Localization (sprog)[edit source]

Tidszone indstillinger[edit source]

Sprog-specifikt[edit source]

  • $wgAmericanDates - Enable for English module to print dates as eg 'May 12' instead of '12 May'.
  • $wgTranslateNumerals - For Hindi and Arabic use local numerals instead of Western style (0-9) numerals in interface.

Debug/logning[edit source]

See also: Manual:How to debug

Profilering[edit source]

Website indretning[edit source]

Ajax[edit source]

CSS/Js[edit source]

Resource loader[edit source]

See ResourceLoader for more information.

Navnerum[edit source]

Output[edit source]

The following settings are only used if $wgHtml5 is set to "false":

Robot politik[edit source]

Mobil support[edit source]

Website statistik[edit source]

Udseende (Skins)[edit source]

Kategori[edit source]

Cache[edit source]

Main article: Manual:Cache

See Interwiki for Interwiki cache settings.

Klient side caching[edit source]

Fil cache[edit source]

Setting for Server side file caching

  • $wgFileCacheDepth - Depth of the subdirectory hierarchy to be created under $wgFileCacheDirectory.
  • $wgFileCacheDirectory - Directory where the cached page will be saved when using server-side caching.
  • $wgUseFileCache - This will cache static pages for non-logged-in users to reduce database traffic on public sites.

Besked cache[edit source]

Sidebar cache[edit source]

Parser cache[edit source]

Memcached indstillinger[edit source]

Settings for configuring the Memcached memory-based object store (if you are using it) docs/memcached.txt has more details.

Interwiki[edit source]

Interwiki cache[edit source]

See interwiki cache for more information.

Access[edit source]

Wiki locking, blocking/banning, and some other related settings.

See Manual:Preventing access for more methods and settings concerning access. See also Manual:User rights management for more information about $wgGroupPermissions, $wgAddGroups, $wgRemoveGroups, etc.

See User Access for User Access settings.

Rate limiter[edit source]

API[edit source]

Wiki locking[edit source]

  • $wgReadOnly - Disallows editing, displaying the string given as the reason.
  • $wgReadOnlyFile - If this file is found, the database is locked for the reason given in the contents of the file.

Reduktion[edit source]

Upload[edit source]

Uploads have to be specially set up to be secure.

Delt upload[edit source]

These settings are kept for backward compatibility, see $wgForeignFileRepos for the new setting, or $wgUseInstantCommons if you only need read access to images on Commons.

MIME typer[edit source]

Warning Warning: This is not a configuration setting, but a global state variable. It should be used solely by thumb.php!

See also Manual:Mime type detection

Billeder[edit source]

See also Manual:Configuring file uploads

DjVu[edit source]

EXIF[edit source]

  • $wgShowEXIF - Determines whether EXIF metadata is to be displayed. Set to false for not showing data.
  • $wgUpdateCompatibleMetadata - Whether to automatically update the img_metadata field if the metadata field is outdated but compatible with the current version.

ImageMagick[edit source]

Set $wgUseImageMagick to true to use ImageMagick instead of the builtin functions.

SVG[edit source]

Miniature indstillinger[edit source]

Antivirus[edit source]

Parser[edit source]

HTML[edit source]

  • $wgRawHtml - Allow raw, unchecked HTML in <html>...</html> sections.

TeX[edit source]

In MediaWiki 1.18 and later, these settings are used for the Math extension.

  • $wgMathCheckFiles - Check whether directory and file exist when generating math images.
  • $wgMathDirectory - The file system path of the directory containing LaTeX math images.
  • $wgMathPath - The URL base of the directory containing LaTeX math images.
  • $wgTexvc - Location of the texvc binary.
  • $wgTexvcBackgroundColor - Texvc background color.
  • $wgUseTeX - Enables the use of <math> (TeX) tags (MediaWiki 1.17 and earlier only -- on 1.18 simply enable the Math extension)

See Math extension for further information.

Tidy[edit source]

Tidy is an open source tool that cleans up broken HTML. You can use this to ensure that broken HTML in articles doesn't affect the layout of your wiki.

  • $wgAlwaysUseTidy
  • $wgDebugTidy - Put tidy warnings in HTML comments, only works for internal tidy.
  • $wgTidyBin - Should be set to the path of the tidy binary.
  • $wgTidyConf - Should be set to the path of the tidy configuration file.
  • $wgTidyInternal - Controls the use of the PECL extension to use an inprocess tidy library instead of spawning a separate program.
  • $wgTidyOpts - Options passed to tidy on the command line.
  • $wgUseTidy - Use tidy to make sure HTML output is sane.
  • $wgValidateAllHtml - Validate the overall output using tidy and refuse to display the page if it's not valid.

See also Manual:Build Tidy from source.

Specialsider[edit source]

Nyeste ændringer[edit source]

See also Help:Recent changes and Manual:$wgDefaultUserOptions

UDP opdateringer[edit source]

Send RC updates via UDP. See: Manual:Simple IRC RC Bot

Brugere[edit source]

Godkendelse[edit source]

Bruger adgang[edit source]

Bruger agent[edit source]

Cookies[edit source]

Feed[edit source]

  • $wgFeed - Toggle syndication feeds on and off.
  • $wgAdvertisedFeedTypes - Which feed types should be provided by default.
  • $wgFeedCacheTimeout - 'Minimum' timeout for cached Recentchanges feed, in seconds.
  • $wgFeedClasses - Available feeds objects.
  • $wgFeedDiffCutoff - When generating Recentchanges RSS/Atom feed, diffs will not be generated for pages larger than this size.
  • $wgFeedLimit - Set maximum number of results to return in syndication feeds (RSS, Atom) for eg Recentchanges, Newpages.
  • $wgOverrideSiteFeed - Override the site's default rss/atom feed that appears on every page.

Copyright[edit source]

Søgning[edit source]

Jobs[edit source]

Proxies[edit source]

Squid[edit source]

HTCP multicast purging (udrensning)[edit source]

Udvidelser (Extensions)[edit source]

Vedligeholdelsesscripts indstillinger[edit source]

Forskellige indstillinger[edit source]

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