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updateSpecialPages.php file is a maintenance script to update the information on the special pages that cache results in the querycache table. This information includes Special:WantedTemplates, Special:Wantedpages and Special:Wantedfiles among many others. A full list is found in QueryPage.php. Extensions may extend this list using the wgQueryPages hook so that special pages added by that extension will be covered by this maintenance script.

The configuration setting $wgDisableQueryPageUpdate can be used to exclude certain special pages from being updated.


php updateSpecialPages.php


Option/Parameter Description
--list Only list special page names, doesn't perform updates.
--only=page Only update "page". It's case sensitive, check correct case by calling this script with --list. Example: --only=BrokenRedirects
--override Also update pages that have updates disabled by $wgDisableQueryPageUpdate .