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Parser: $wgParserTestFiles
Parser test suite files to be run by parserTests.php.
Introduced in version:1.9.0 (r17534)
Deprecated in version:1.30.0 (r363961)
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(array of strings)
Default value:(see below)


Parser test suite files to be run by parserTests.php when no specific filename is passed to it.

Extensions may add their own tests to this array, or site-local tests may be added via LocalSettings.php .

Use full paths.

Default value[edit]

MediaWiki version:
$wgParserTestFiles = array(
MediaWiki versions:
1.9 – 1.17
$wgParserTestFiles = array(


This variable is deprecated with this change. Instead, all *.txt files in an extension's tests/parser/ directory will be auto-discovered.

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