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Show EXIF data at the end of file description pages.
Introduced in version:1.5.0
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(boolean)
Default value:True if supported, else false (see below).
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Show EXIF data at the end of file description pages. Turned on by default if EXIF functionality is available. Requires PHP's EXIF extension [1].

For Windows users: To enable EXIF functions, add the following lines to the "Windows extensions" section of your php.ini file:

Default value[edit]

The default value is to enable the showing of EXIF data if the system supports it. This is worked out by checking whether the exif_read_data() function exists:

function_exists( 'exif_read_data' );

Do not manually set this value to 'true', as errors may occur if this function is not defined. You may however set it manually to 'false' if you wish to disable this functionality.