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Ajax: $wgAjaxExportList
List of functions in AjaxFunctions.php that are callable via action=ajax
Introduced in version:1.6.0 (r13364)
Deprecated in version:1.27.0 (Gerrit change 262460; git #0aafc0bf)
Removed in version:1.38.0 (Gerrit change 741941; git #9bcd3fdf)
Allowed values:(array of strings)
Default value:[] (1.8+)
[ 'wfSajaxSearch' ] (1.6-1.7)


Registry for functions callable via Ajax. This is a way for extensions (and some functions) to make functions callable from JavaScript. Making an Ajax request to index.php with the action=ajax&rs=funcname&rsargs[0]=arg1&rsargs[1]=arg2&... parameters will result in a funcname( "arg1", "arg2", ... ) call in PHP, as long as funcname is listed in $wgAjaxExportList. Such functions then usually return an AjaxResponse object.

$wgAjaxSearch and $wgAjaxWatch cause wfSajaxSearch and wfAjaxWatch to be added to this array, respectively.

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