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The Edit Recovery feature of MediaWiki core is a browser-based system of saving in-progress edits, to allow for recovery in case of the browser being accidentally closed. Edit data is stored locally on the user's device, and so. This feature is for the wikitext editor, not Visual Editor.

MediaWiki version:

Edit Recovery is in development as of November 2023 and is not yet available for general use.


Example of the notification popup that is shown when edits are recovered.

Nothing specific needs to be done in order to use Edit Recovery, as it is on by default for all users. Start editing any wiki page, and every five seconds the current state of the editing form will be saved to the browser's storage. If the window is closed (either accidentally or by a computer crash etc.), re-open it and navigate back to editing the same page — if there is any recovery data available, it will be restored into the editing form and a notification displayed.

The notification gives you two options: to view the changes (this is the same as clicking the normal "Show changes" button), or discard them. The notification can be dismissed in the usual way by clicking anywhere else on it.


There is a special page at Special:EditRecovery which lists all current pages that have any recovery data.

Opting out[edit]

It's not currently possible to opt out, but work on this is being tracked in phab:T350653.

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