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This is an index of all supported configuration settings based on the DefaultSettings.php file.

Never edit DefaultSettings.php; copy appropriate lines to LocalSettings.php instead and amend them as appropriate.

If you can't find a configuration setting here, see if it is defined in DefaultSettings.php. The variable should have some documentation there.

Settings removed in versions of MediaWiki prior to 1.19 are no longer listed here. Please use the search box to find the relevant manual page (e.g. Manual:$wgAllowAnonymousMinor).
Listed alphabetically | Listed by function | 분류:미디어위키 환경 설정

General Settings

URLs and file paths

See also Uploads for file/image upload path settings.

See also Skins for skins path settings.

Global Objects

Email settings

See also User Access: $wgEmailConfirmToEdit

Email notification (Enotif) settings

Actual notifications for each user are defined in the options. You can change defaults with $wgDefaultUserOptions .

Database settings

LoadBalancer settings



  • $wgDBmysql4 (1.19 에서 제거됨) – Set to true to use enhanced fulltext search.
  • $wgDBmysql5 (1.33 에서 제거됨) – Set to true to set MySQL connection into UTF-8 encoding (experimental)
  • $wgDBTableOptions – MySQL table options to use during installation or update.
  • $wgDBtransactions (1.20 에서 제거됨) – Set to true if using InnoDB tables.
  • $wgExternalServers – An array of external MySQL servers.
  • $wgSQLMode – Value for the MySQL sql_mode parameter


  • $wgDBOracleDRCP (1.34 에서 제거됨) – When set to true, enables persistent connection with DRCP on Oracle.


  • $wgDBport – Database port. Only used by PostgreSQL.


Shared DB settings

Compressed Storage Support


Extension fields


Timezone settings


  • $wgAmericanDates – Use 'mdy' instead of 'dmy' as the default date format, e.g. 'May 12' instead of '12 May'.
  • $wgTranslateNumerals – For Hindi, Arabic, and other languages with their own numeral systems, use local numerals instead of Western style (0-9) numerals in some areas of the interface.


See also: Manual:How to debug


  • $wgDebugFunctionEntry (1.25 에서 제거됨) – Whether to additionally output a debug message on every wfProfileIn() and wfProfileOut() call.
  • $wgDebugProfiling (1.23 에서 제거됨) – Detects non-matching wfProfileIn/wfProfileOut calls
  • $wgEnableProfileInfo (1.35 에서 제거됨) – Controls the availability of profileinfo.php.
  • $wgProfiler – Settings related to profiling.
  • $wgProfileCallTree (1.27 에서 제거됨) – If true, print a raw call tree instead of per-function report
  • $wgProfileLimit (deprecated in 1.25) – Only record profiling info for pages that took longer than this number of seconds to load. this
  • $wgProfileOnly (deprecated in 1.23) – Don't put non-profiling info into log file
  • $wgProfilePerHost (1.27 에서 제거됨) – Should the application server hostname be stored in the profiling table?
  • $wgProfileToDatabase (1.23 에서 제거됨) – Log sums from profiling into "profiling" table in db.
  • $wgUDPProfilerHost (1.27 에서 제거됨) – Host for UDP profiler.
  • $wgUDPProfilerPort (1.27 에서 제거됨) – Port for UDP profiler.
  • $wgUDPProfilerFormatString (1.27 에서 제거됨) – Format string for UDP profiler.

Site customization




See ResourceLoader for more information.



The following settings are only used if $wgHtml5 is set to "false" (1.22 에서 제거됨):

  • $wgDocType (1.22 에서 제거됨) – The doc type to use in the <!DOCTYPE> declaration.
  • $wgDTD (1.22 에서 제거됨) – Specifies the DTD in the DOCTYPE declaration for page output.
  • $wgXhtmlDefaultNamespace (1.34 에서 제거됨) – Namespace to use when outputting in XHTML mode.

Robot policies

Mobile support

Content Security Policy

Feature Policy


Site Statistics




See: Interwiki for Interwiki cache settings.

Client side caching

File Cache

Settings for Server side file caching.

Message Cache

Sidebar Cache

Parser Cache

Memcached settings

Settings for configuring the Memcached memory-based object store (if you are using it) docs/memcached.txt has more details.

WAN cache


Interwiki cache

See interwiki cache for more information.


Wiki locking, blocking/banning, and some other related settings.

See Manual:Preventing access for more methods and settings concerning access. See also 매뉴얼:유저 권한 for more information about $wgGroupPermissions, $wgAddGroups, $wgRemoveGroups, etc.

See User Access for User Access settings.

Rate limiter


Wiki locking

  • $wgReadOnly – Disallows editing, displaying the string given as the reason.
  • $wgReadOnlyFile – If this file is found, the database is locked for the reason given in the contents of the file.
  • $wgReadOnlyWatchedItemStore – Set this to true to put the wiki watchlists into read-only mode.



Uploads have to be specially set up to be secure.

Shared uploads

These settings are kept for backward compatibility, see $wgForeignFileRepos for the new setting, or $wgUseInstantCommons if you only need read access to images on Commons.

MIME types

경고 경고: This is not a configuration setting, but a global state variable. It should be used solely by thumb.php!

See also: Manual:Mime type detection


See also: Manual:Configuring file uploads



  • $wgShowEXIF – Show EXIF data at the end of file description pages.
  • $wgUpdateCompatibleMetadata – Whether to automatically update the img_metadata field if it is outdated but compatible with the current version.


Set $wgUseImageMagick to true to use ImageMagick instead of the builtin functions.


Thumbnail settings




  • $wgRawHtml – Allow raw, unchecked HTML in <html>...</html> sections.


Tidy is an open source tool that cleans up broken HTML. You can use this to ensure that broken HTML in articles doesn't affect the layout of your wiki. While Tidy itself is going to be replaced, the configuration settings can still be used for the replacements.

  • $wgTidyConfig – Configuration of the HTML postprocessing tool to use for fixing invalid HTML code.
  • $wgAlwaysUseTidy (1.26 에서 제거됨) – Always use Tidy
  • $wgDebugTidy (1.33 에서 제거됨) – Put tidy warnings in HTML comments, only works for internal tidy.
  • $wgTidyBin (1.33 에서 제거됨) – Should be set to the path of the tidy binary.
  • $wgTidyConf (1.33 에서 제거됨) – Should be set to the path of the tidy configuration file.
  • $wgTidyInternal (1.33 에서 제거됨) – Controls the use of the tidy extension to use an in-process tidy library instead of spawning a separate program.
  • $wgTidyOpts (1.33 에서 제거됨) – Options passed to tidy on the command line.
  • $wgUseTidy (1.33 에서 제거됨) – Use tidy to make sure HTML output is sane.
  • $wgValidateAllHtml (1.31 에서 제거됨) – Validate the overall output using tidy and refuse to display the page if it's not valid.
See also: Manual:Build Tidy from source .

Special pages

Recent changes

See also 도움말:최근 바뀜 and $wgDefaultUserOptions

UDP updates

Send Recent changes updates via UDP. See: Manual:Simple IRC RC Bot



User Access

User agent





HTTP client



CDN / Squid

These settings configure MediaWiki when using a caching HTTP proxy server. They apply to caching using Varnish as well as Squid.

HTCP multicast purging


Maintenance Scripts setting

Miscellaneous settings

See also