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UDP updates: $wgRCEngines
Configuration for RC feed protocol engines
Introduced in version:1.22.0
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:Unspecified
Default value:(see below)


This variable is for configuring what engine classes will be used for what protocols when sending network updates for recent changes. See the main configuration variable, $wgRCFeeds for how to configure where recent changes information will be sent.

This variable was introduced as $wgStreamLoggers and was renamed to $wgRCEngines in MediaWiki 1.22 alpha.


This variable is an associated array mapping the URI protocol to the fully qualified class name that will handle that protocol. The default value is:

$wgRCEngines = array(
	'redis' => 'RedisPubSubFeedEngine',
	'udp' => 'UDPRCFeedEngine',

This represents MediaWiki's built-in engine for sending RC updates over a UDP connection. More engines can be added by adding more keys or overriding existing ones.

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