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Parser: $wgParserTestMediaHandlers
Media handler overrides for parser tests (they don't need to generate actual thumbnails, so a mock will do)
Introduced in version:1.30.0 (Gerrit change 364446; git #I1c2e903)
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(array)
Default value:See below

Default value[edit]

MediaWiki version: 1.30
$wgParserTestMediaHandlers = [
	'image/jpeg' => 'MockBitmapHandler',
	'image/png' => 'MockBitmapHandler',
	'image/gif' => 'MockBitmapHandler',
	'image/tiff' => 'MockBitmapHandler',
	'image/webp' => 'MockBitmapHandler',
	'image/x-ms-bmp' => 'MockBitmapHandler',
	'image/x-bmp' => 'MockBitmapHandler',
	'image/x-xcf' => 'MockBitmapHandler',
	'image/svg+xml' => 'MockSvgHandler',
	'image/vnd.djvu' => 'MockDjVuHandler',