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Cache: $wgMainCacheType
Object cache setting
Introduced in version:1.5.0
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(One of the CACHE constants (see below), or a string indicating the cache type set as key in $wgObjectCaches)
Default value:CACHE_NONE


Allows to configure the object cache used.

Here are the keys available by default (defined as constants in Defines.php):

Warning: This could potentially be slower than no caching, i.e. CACHE_NONE.

See $wgObjectCaches for an example of a custom cache backend (e.g. Redis).

  • It was stated that CACHE_MEMCACHED directive will provide the most significant performance improvements in the case where you have memcached and an opcode cache installed.
  • This is just one of MediaWiki's caching settings. For best performance you may need to consider other caching settings. See performance tuning .
  • Since MediaWiki 1.27, PHP sessions are stored in a cache, depending on the variable of this setting, unless overridden by $wgSessionCacheType . This may cause problems when CACHE_ACCEL is used if apcu is misconfigured (see task T147161).
  • CACHE_ACCEL only supports APCu or WinCache since MediaWiki 1.31.

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