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Thumbnail settings: $wgResponsiveImages
Whether or not to output high-resolution images for high-DPI displays
Introduced in version: 1.21.0
Removed in version: still in use
Allowed values: (boolean)
Default value: true
Other settings: Alphabetical | By function


Whether or not to output high-resolution images for high-DPI displays.

This is primarily targeted at mobile and tablet browsers and some newer laptops such as the 'Retina' MacBook Pro. On these high-DPI devices, raster images appear blurry or pixelated by default without special treatment.

When generating thumbnail images, thumbnails are rendered not only at the requested size, but at 1.5x and 2x the requested size. The HTML5 srcset attribute is included on the img specifying these larger images for the appropriate display densities.

WebKit has added native srcset support as of August 2013, but this will take some time to roll out to released browsers.

For current browsers, compatibility JavaScript is loaded which checks window.devicePixelRatio for most browsers, and a compatibility fallback for IE 10, and applies srcset -> src change automatically. On browsers with native srcset support, this disables itself automatically.

Known limitations[edit]

Currently (as of 1.21) this code applies only to images created through Linker methods; image galleries and file: page detail displays are not currently affected. This should be changed at some point by migrating support lower down in the MediaHandler arena.

Display densities[edit]

Currently (as of 1.21) the densities used (1.5x and 2x) are hardcoded and not configurable. 1x is the implied default density of the main image.