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Images: $wgImageLimits
A list of user-selectable limits for the image thumbnail size on image description pages.
Introduced in version: 1.4.0
Removed in version: still in use
Allowed values: (see below)
Default value: (see below)

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Details[edit | edit source]

This variable contains an array of 2-element arrays. Each of these defines a width/height pair describing a maximum image size (in pixels). The image sizes defined in this variable are used on the user preference page to allow the user to specify an image size-limit when viewing image pages. In order to reduce the amount of disk space taken up by thumbnails of many different sizes, limits can only be selected from this list.

If you change this array, you might also want to change the default option for image sizes on image pages. By default

$wgDefaultUserOptions['imagesize'] = 2;

which, by default, corresponds to 800x600 in this array.

If you are using a skin which has a fixed width for page content, you will probably want to make the maximum size equal to that width. Put these settings in your LocalSettings.php:

//Don't allow larger image sizes because they will ruin the page format
$wgImageLimits = array (
                        array(500,375) );
// By default display the larger option
$wgDefaultUserOptions['imagesize'] = 1;

This setting also determines the list of thumbnail links which are provided on the image page, just below the image.

This setting relates to images as shown on image description pages (File: namespace). For thumbnails in articles and other wiki pages, see $wgThumbLimits.

Default Value[edit | edit source]

 array (
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