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shortcut: BUGREPORT

Thir guidelines explain hou tae write ae guid bug report or featur request in Wikimedia's bugtracker (see Phabricator fer mair information). Effecteeve bug reports ar the maist likelie tae be fixt.

Bug reports need tae be witten in Ingils. Gif ye canna write in Ingils, gie uisin ae machine owersetin tuil like Google Translate ae shot.

Quick recommendations fer reports

  • Be precise
  • Be clear: explain hou tae reproduce the proablem, step bi step, sae that ithers can reproduce the bug
  • Incluid yinlie the ae proablem per report

Afore ye dae oniething

Can ye reproduce the issue?

Gie reproduicin yer bug ae shot uisin ae recynt version o the safware, tae see whither it haes awreadie been fixt. Gif the bug is oan ae wiki steid like Wikipædia ye coud gie testin the latest saffware version ae shot oan test2.wikipedia.org.

Haes some ither bodie awreadie reported the issue?

Uise the rake kist oan $mediazilla2 tae see gif yer bug haes awreadie been reported. Ye can dae mair advanced rakes oan the rake page ava.

If you are unsure whether a bug has already been reported, you should report the bug. It is better to have duplicate bugs than it is to have unreported bugs.

Have you tried fixing the issue yourself?

Some problems are a consequence of using user scripts and gadgets which need some fixes. There is a guide available with steps how you can identify such code, which could fix your issue so that you do not waste your time reporting it.

Reportin ae new bug or featur request

Gif ye'v faced ae bug in ae recynt version n nae ither bodie appears tae'v reported it, than:

  1. Go to phabricator.wikimedia.org and click "Tasks & bugs" in the side bar.
  2. Choose "Create task" in the upper right corner.
  3. Ye'll be speired tae log in (or register) gif ye'v na awreadie dun sae (see "Why maun Ah register? ").
  4. Fil oot at least the follaein fields:
    • Title: Ae short yin-sentence ootline that explains the proablem (na yer suggested solution).
      • Guid: "Selecting gender is not functional."
      • Bad: "Software crashes."
    • Assigned to: You should ignore this field: Developers will set an assignee when they plan to work on the task.
    • Descreeption: Ful details o the issue, giein aes muckle detail aes possible. This can incluid:
      • For bugs:
        • Steps tae Reproduce: Makit-smaaest, easie-tae-follae steps that will trigger the descreebed proablem. Incluid onie byordinair setup steps.
          1. Go to https://en.wikipedia.org with Internet Explorer version 10.0;
          2. Make sure you are logged in;
          3. Select "My Preferences" menu;
          4. Go to "Gender" and select female gender from box list;
          5. Click "Save" button.
        • Actual Ootcomes: Whit the appleecation did efter performin the abuin steps.
          "There is no female gender in front of my user name."
        • Expected Ootcomes: Whit the appleecation shid hae dun, gif thaur wis nae bug.
          "My gender is shown in front of my user name."
      • For feature requests:
        • A description of what you would like to achieve, and why. A user story is an effective way of conveying this.
          "As a new editor, I would like to be acknowledged for my contribution to the project, so that I feel welcomed and valued"
      • Please provide onie ither information that micht be uissfu ava, like:
        • the wab brousers, skins, or computer systems that ye'v seen the bug oan;
        • links or diffs til yin or mair pages whaur ye encountered the bug; or
        • whither the proablem kiths ilka time, yinlie occasionlie, yinlie oan certain pages, or yinlie in speceefeec circumstances.
    • Attachmant: Ye micht attach ae log file or screenshot (bit be sair that nae confidential data is incluidit or shawn).
    • Select the product whaur in ye'v foond the bug:
      • Projects are how developers find tasks to work on. To identify the right project(s), use the search function (in the top right) to find its description.
      • This coud be fer example MediaWiki-General-or-Unknown fer the wiki saffware itsel, or Wikimedia-Site-Requests fer confeeguration chynges o the Wikimedia wiki steids.
    • Subscribers: If you know specific users who will be interested in getting notified of this task you can add them here. Otherwise, ignore this field.

Check gif yer report is compleate, than press the "Create Task" button. Yer report will nou be in the database n somebodie will hopefulie tak ae luik at it suin.

The priority for the task will be set by developers who plan to work on the task (see Setting priorities).

That's it! Thanks fer yer heelp tae impruiv MediaWiki n Wikimedia waurks!

Reporting a JavaScript bug

See also: Help:Locating broken scripts

When you encounter a bug that may be related to JavaScript, do your best to identify error messages and copy them into the bug report.

It's especially important to provide all the information you have, because even the system administrators will have zero access to any error log. If you are unsure whether a feature you are using is based on JavaScript, try disabling JavaScript.

It's always helpful to include a screenshot with your report. It's often the easiest way to identify which feature you're talking about, and can often provide information which can help narrow down the error. Take care to hide any information you don't want to share, like other open browsers tabs or minimised chat windows.

If the problem is in the code of a user script or gadget itself, then Phabricator might not be the place where the problem will get handled.[1] Someone might redirect you to the talk page of the script (if the problematic script is identified).

Reporting a connectivity issue

If you are having difficulties reaching a Wikimedia website at all (slow internet connection etc.), please follow wikitech:Reporting a connectivity issue.

Reporting a login problem

If you are having problems logging into your account, please follow Manual:How to debug/Login problems.

See ava