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shortcut: BUGREPORT

Estes regles xenerales espliquen cómo escribir un bon informe de fallu o solicitú de función nel bugtracker de Wikimedia (ver Phabricator pa más información). Los informes de fallos efeutivos son los que tienen mas posibilidaes d'iguase.

Los informes de fallos tienen de redactase n'inglés. Si nun sabes escribir n'inglés, intenta usar una ferramienta automática de traducción como Google Translate.

Recomendaciones rápides pa los informes

  • Se precisu
  • Se claru: esplica cómo reproducir el problema, pasu a pasu, pa que otros puedan reproducir el fallu
  • Inclui namái un problema por informe

Antes de que faigas nada

¿Puedes reproducir el problema?

Tenta reproducir el fallu usando una versión recién del software, pa ver si se corrixió apocayá. Si'l fallu foi nuna wiki como Wikipedia, puedes tentar de probalo na última versión del software qu'hai en test2.wikipedia.org.

¿Informó daquién más del mesmu problema?

Usa'l cuadru de gueta del sistema de siguimientu de fallos de Wikimedia pa ver si yá s'informó del error. Tamién puedes facer guetes más avanzaes na páxina de gueta avanzada.

If you are unsure whether a bug has already been reported, you should report the bug. It is better to have duplicate bugs than it is to have unreported bugs.

Have you tried fixing the issue yourself?

Some problems are a consequence of using user scripts and gadgets which need some fixes. There is a guide available with steps how you can identify such code, which could fix your issue so that you do not waste your time reporting it.

Unviar un informe de fallu o solicitú de meyora

Si atopasti un fallu nuna versión recién del software y paez que naide más informó del mesmu, entós:

  1. Entra en phabricator.wikimedia.org y fai clic en «Tasks & bugs» na barra llateral.
  2. Pidiráte qu'anicies sesión (o que te rexistres) si inda nun lo fixisti (ver «Create una cuenta »).
  3. Click the star in the upper right corner and choose "Create Task" (or "Report Security issues" to report a security problem ).
  4. Rellena polo menos los siguientes campos:
    • Títulu (Title): Una descripción curtia d'una frase qu'esplique'l problema (non la solución que suxeres).
      • Correuto: "Selecting gender is not functional."
      • Incorreuto: "Software crashes."
    • Axudicáu a: (Assigned to) Inora esti campu. Los desendolcadores van axudicalu a daquién cuando planifiquen el trabayu na xera.
    • Descripción (description): Detalles completos del problema, dando tantos detalles como puedas. Estos pueden incluyir:
      • Pa fallos:
        • Pasos pa reproducilu: Pasos esquemáticos y fáciles de siguir que provoquen el problema que se describe. Incluye los pasos de cualquier configuración especial.
          1. Go to https://en.wikipedia.org with Internet Explorer version 10.0;
          2. Make sure you are logged in;
          3. Select "My Preferences" menu;
          4. Go to "Gender" and select female gender from box list;
          5. Click "Save" button.
        • Resultancies llograes: Qué fixo l'aplicación en siguiendo los pasos indicaos.
          "There is no female gender in front of my user name."
        • Resultancies previstes: Lo que tendría de facer l'aplicación si nun esistiera nengún fallu.
          "My gender is shown in front of my user name."
      • Pa solicitar carauterístiques:
        • Una descripción de lo qu'intentes llograr y por qué. Una manera eficaz de faelo ye al traviés d'un [$story relatu d'usuariu]. Explain what you hope the feature will solve (the actual underlying problem) along with specific examples; but do not demand a specific solution, as there might be other/better solutions. A user story is an effective way of conveying this.
          "As a new editor, I would like to be acknowledged for my contribution to the project, so that I feel welcomed and valued"
      • Please also provide any other information that might be useful, such as:
        • the web browsers, skins, or computer systems you've seen the bug on;
        • links or diffs to one or more pages where you encountered the bug; or
        • whether the problem appears every time, only occasionally, only on certain pages, or only in specific circumstances.
    • To attach a log file or screenshot (but make sure that no confidential data is included or shown), click the Upload File button (a cloud with an arrow) in the tool bar of the Description field.
    • Select the tags (project(s)) in which you've found the bug:
      • Projects are how developers find tasks to work on. To identify the right project(s), use the search function (in the top right) to find its description.
      • This could be for example the MediaWiki-General-or-Unknown project for the wiki software itself, or Wikimedia-Site-Requests for configuration changes on a Wikimedia site (see "Selecting projects ").
    • Subscribers: If you know specific users who will be interested in getting notified of this task you can add them here. Otherwise, ignore this field.

Check if your report is complete, then press the "Create Task" button. Your report will now be in the database. This allows somebody interested in the report to look at it and potentially work on it .

Prioridá: Inora esti campu. Polo xeneral, los desendolcadores van una prioridá cuando planifiquen el trabayu na xera (ver Axustar prioridaes).

That's all! Thanks for your help to improve MediaWiki and Wikimedia projects!

Reporting a JavaScript bug

See also: Help:Locating broken scripts

When you encounter a bug that may be related to JavaScript, do your best to identify error messages and copy them into the bug report.

It's especially important to provide all the information you have, because even the system administrators will have zero access to any error log. If you are unsure whether a feature you are using is based on JavaScript, try disabling JavaScript.

It's always helpful to include a screenshot with your report. It's often the easiest way to identify which feature you're talking about, and can often provide information which can help narrow down the error. Take care to hide any information you don't want to share, like other open browsers tabs or minimised chat windows.

If the problem is in the code of a user script or gadget itself, then Phabricator might not be the place where the problem will get handled.[1] Someone might redirect you to the talk page of the script (if the problematic script is identified).

Reporting a connectivity issue

If you are having difficulties reaching a Wikimedia website at all (slow internet connection etc.), please follow wikitech:Reporting a connectivity issue.

Reporting a login problem

If you are having problems logging into your account, please follow Manual:How to debug/Login problems.

See also

  • phab:T85433 Using Phabricator for gadget-related tasks