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Every page on a Mediawiki site not only has information to show you but also allows you to move to other pages. This is called "navigation".

To help you navigate, every page on MediaWiki, has three main navigation elements:

  1. The sidebar gives you access to important pages in the wiki such as Recent changes or Upload file. MediaWiki requires you to log in before seeing all of the sidebar options.
  2. Links (often called tabs) which relate to the page currently displayed: its associated discussion page, the version history, and – most notably – the edit link.
  3. User links; as an anonymous user, you’ll see a link to create an account or log in. As a logged-in user you have a collection of personal links, including ones to your user page and preferences.

In addition to the standard navigation elements that each page has, a page will have its own unique information which appears in the larger main area of the page. Generally within this information will be links to other pages.

This page mainly documents the MonoBook and Vector skins. Appearances may be different when using other skins.


Example sidebaur, shawn oan the cair o the page

The sidebar is displayed on the left edge of the page below the site logo (if using the MonoBook or Vector skin). This sidebar gives you access to important pages in the wiki such as Recent Changes or Upload File.


Clapin oan the logo brings ye back til the main page o the wiki. The links in the naveegation section jyst ablo will tak ye til important pages o the wiki. Thir links can be confeegured bi site admeenistraters.


The tuilkist contains ae selection o links that chynge dependin oan whit type o page ye'r luikin at.

Oan aw pages (except byordinair pages)
  • “Whit airts here” taks ye til ae byordinair page that leets the pages oan this wiki that contain ae link til the page bein luikt at. This is heelpfu whan ye'r luikin fer pages o relatit information. The “whit airts here” information can be uissfu forby whan ye'r refacterin wiki pages n need tae check whether links til this page ar still reelevant efter chynges in the page bein luikt at.
  • The “relatit chynges” tuil leets aw recent chynges in the pages linkt wi fae the page bein luikt at. Recent chynges til aw reelevant template pages ar includit in the affcomin page leet. The "Skauk smaa eedits" optie that can be set in the uiser preeferances applies, amang ither things, til “relatit chynges”.
Oan aw pages (incluidin byordinair pages)
  • “Uplaid file” displeys ae byorinair page that permits loggit-in uisers tae uplaid eemages n ither files til the wiki. Uplaidit files can be linkt fae or embedded in wiki pages. This is na displeyed gif file uplaidin is na enabled.
    Uplaidin files, luikin at files oan the server, incluidin thaim in wiki pages n managin the uplaidit files is discussed in the managin files section o this manual.
  • The “byordinar pages” tuil leets the MediaWiki byordiniar pages. In MediaWiki termeenologie, ae byordinair page is yin that preesents information aneat the Wiki n/or permits access til admeenistration acteevities fer the wiki. Fer example, ae leet o uisers registerit wi the wiki, stateestics aneat the wiki like the nummer o pages n nummer o page eedits, system logs, ae leet o orphaned pages, n sae oan. Thae byordinair pages ar commynlie generated whan the byordinair page is laided raither than bein stored in the wiki database.
    The function n uiss o the defaut byordinair pages can be foond in the byordinar pages section o this manual.

Page Tabs[edit]

Defaut page tabs at the tap o the page

The page tabs are displayed at the top of the page to the right of the site logo (if using the MonoBook or Vector skin). These tabs allow you to perform actions or view pages that are related to the current page. The available default actions include: viewing, editing, and discussing the current page. The specific tabs displayed on your pages depend on whether or not you are logged into the wiki and whether you have sysop (administrator) privileges on the wiki. On special pages, only the namespace tab is displayed.

Defaut fer aw uisers
  • namespace” (page, heelp, byordinair page, template, uiser page etc.)
  • “tauk”
  • “eedit” (micht read “see soorce” gif anonymoos eeditin is disabled, the page is in the MediaWiki: namespace, or the page is protected)
  • "histerie"
Extra tabs fer loggit-in uisers
  • "muiv"
  • "watch"
Extra tabs fer admeenistraters
  • "fend"
  • "delyte"

Admeenistraters can add or remuiv tabs bi uisin JavaScript or instawin extensions, sae the tabs that ye see micht be differant dependin oan whit wiki ye'r uisin.

Uiser Links[edit]

Defaut uiser links at the tap richt o the page

The uiser links ar displeyed at the tap faur richt o the page (gif uisin the defaut Vecter skin). Thir tabs permit the loggit-in uiser tae see n eedit thair uiser page n wiki preeeferances. Addeetionlie, the uiser links permit the uiser tae queecklie access thair contreebutions til the wiki n logoot.

For anonymous users the user links is replaced by a link to the wiki login page or, if enabled by the site administrator, a link to your IP address and your IP address's talk page.

This links til yer uiser page, this is whaur ye can pit information aneat yersel, store bits o information ye want tae mynd or whitever else ye fancie.
"Ma tauk"
This links til yer discussion page, whaur fawk can lea messages fer ye.
"Ma preferences"
Permits ye tae chynge yer personal site preeferances.
"Ma watchleet"
Ae leet o aw pages that ye'r watchin. Pages can be added ti this leet bi clapin oan “watch” at the tap o the page.
"Ma contreebutions"
Ae leet o aw contreebutions that ye'v makit til the wiki.
"Log oot"
Clap this link tae log oot o the wiki.