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Sewaktu membaca laman mana pun pada suatu wiki MediaWiki, Anda akan menemukan tiga unsur navigasi utama:

  1. The sidebar gives you access to important pages in the wiki such as Recent changes or Upload file. MediaWiki requires you to log in before seeing all of the sidebar options.
  2. Links (often called tabs) which relate to the page currently displayed: its associated discussion page, the version history, and – most notably – the edit link.
  3. User links; as an anonymous user, you’ll see a link to create an account or log in. As a logged-in user you have a collection of personal links, including ones to your user page and preferences.

This page mainly documents the MonoBook and Vector skins. Appearances may be different when using other skins.

Bilah sisi[edit | edit source]

Contoh bilah sisi yang ditampilkan di bagian kiri laman

The sidebar is displayed on the left edge of the page below the site logo (if using the MonoBook or Vector skin). This sidebar gives you access to important pages in the wiki such as Recent Changes or Upload File.

Navigasi[edit | edit source]

Mengeklik logo membawa Anda ke laman utama wiki. Tautan pada bagian navigasi di bawahnya membawa Anda ke berbagai laman penting dari wiki. Berbagai tautan ini dapat dikonfigurasikan oleh administrator situs.

Kotak peralatan[edit | edit source]

Tools memuat berbagai tautan yang berubah tergantung pada jenis laman yang ditampilkan.

Pada semua laman (kecuali laman istimewa)
  • “What links here” takes you to a special page that lists the pages on this wiki which contain a link to the current page. This is helpful when you are looking for pages of related information. The “what links here” information can also be useful when you are refactoring wiki pages and need to check whether links to this page are still relevant after changes in the current page.
  • The “related changes” tool lists all recent changes in the pages linked to from the current page. Recent changes to all relevant template pages are included in the resulting page list. The "Hide minor edits" option that can be set in the user preferences applies, among other things, to “related changes”.
Pada semua laman (kecuali laman istimewa)
  • "Pengunggahan berkas" displays a special page that allows logged-in users to upload images and other files to the wiki. Uploaded files can be linked from or embedded in wiki pages. This link is not displayed if file uploading is not enabled.
    Uploading files, viewing files on the server, including them in wiki pages and managing the uploaded files is discussed in the managing files section of this manual.
  • The “special pages” tool lists the MediaWiki special pages. In MediaWiki terminology, a special page is one that presents information about the Wiki and/or allows access to administration activities for the wiki. For example, a list of users registered with the wiki, statistics about the wiki such as the number of pages and number of page edits, system logs, a list of orphaned pages, and so on. These special pages are commonly generated when the special page is loaded rather than being stored in the wiki database.

The function and use of the default special pages can be found in the special pages section of this manual.

Tab laman[edit | edit source]

Default page tabs at the top of the page

The page tabs are displayed at the top of the page to the right of the site logo (if using the MonoBook or Vector skin). These tabs allow you to perform actions or view pages that are related to the current page. The available default actions include: viewing, editing, and discussing the current page. The specific tabs displayed on your pages depend on whether or not you are logged into the wiki and whether you have sysop (administrator) privileges on the wiki. On special pages, only the namespace tab is displayed.

Bawaan untuk semua pengguna
  • “namespace” (page, help, special page, template, user page etc.)
  • “discussion”
  • “edit” (may read “view source” if anonymous editing is disabled, the page is in the MediaWiki: namespace, or the page is protected)
  • "versi terdahulu"
Tab tambahan untuk pengguna biasa
  • "pindahkan"
  • "pantau"
Tab tambahan untuk pengurus
  • "lindungi"
  • "hapus"

Administrators can add or remove tabs by using JavaScript or installing extensions, so the tabs you see may be different depending on which wiki you are using.

Tautan pengguna[edit | edit source]

Default user links at the top right of the page

Tautan pengguna di tampilkan pada ujung kanan atas laman (jika menggunakan kulit MonoBook bawaan). Tab ini memungkinkan pengguna biasa untuk melihat dan menyunting laman pengguna dan preferensi wiki. Sebagai tambahan, tautan pengguna memungkinkan pengguna untuk dengan cepat mengakses daftar kontribusi mereka terhadap wiki dan juga untuk keluar.

For anonymous users the user links is replaced by a link to the wiki login page or, if enabled by the site administrator, a link to your IP address and your IP address's talk page.

Tertaut ke laman pengguna Anda yang digunakan untuk menaruh informasi tentang diri pribadi, informasi yang ingin diingat, atau apa pun yang Anda inginkan.
Tertaut ke laman pembicaraan Anda, tempat orang dapat meninggalkan pesan untuk Anda.
Tempat Anda mengubah preferensi situs pribadi.
"Daftar pantauan"
Daftar semua laman yang Anda pantau. Laman ditambahkan pada daftar ini dengan mengeklik “watch” pada bagian atas laman.
Daftar semua kontribusi yang Anda buat pada wiki.
"Keluar log"
Klik ini untuk keluar dari wiki.