Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2012-08-28

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ECT 2012-08-28 Attending: RobLa, Guillaume, Chris

List of projects[edit]

  • Testing infrastructure/automation (incl Labs)
  • Feature testing efforts
  • Community testing planning
  • 20% time wrangling
  • 1.20 deployment
  • Git and Gerrit migration
  • Training documentation
  • Monthly report
  • Communications support
  • Tech ambassadors
  • Engineering activity documentation
  • Recruiting/hiring
  • Wikimania
  • Hackathons/events (January SF, Pune, Berlin, Wikimania, future)
    • Conferences in general
  • Gerrit project owner groups
  • Recruitment/encouragement
    • GSOC
  • Dev community metrics
  • HR feedback

Who's doing what (this week)[edit]

Chris: beta labs, New Pages Feed/Curation, hiring, vacation Guillaume: tech ambassadors, communications support, monthly report Sumana: 20% time wrangling, yearly review of Guillaume, Grace Hopper prep, Bangalore prep, volunteer encouragement, GSoC wrapup

Feature testing efforts[edit]

NPF/Curation is top priority right now AFTv5 still being tweaked

Beta labs[edit]

Antoine is on it

Community testing planning[edit]

async testing for NPF to be announced, no event planned Chris will announce it before he goes on vacation

20% time wrangling[edit]

Sumana on this but prepping for discussion at allstaff

1.20 deployment[edit]

remains routine (this is slightly scary, it's TOO quiet) Chris wants to work on this as a medium priority - what coverage do we have with unit tests? and what steps can we take to make deployments more risky

Git and Gerrit migration[edit]

nothing important for us right now

Training documentation[edit]

Chris on docs review team for NPF

Monthly report[edit]

QA is done, review at will Get your statuses in regularly!

Communications support[edit]

Guillaume catching up

Tech ambassadors[edit] almost ready for publication. Need to amend the "Priority activities" section (notably, based on RobLa's input) and finish catching up on related e-mail & mailing list threads before sending out announcements to avoid making any comms faux-pas. Target date: tomorrow

Engineering activity documentation[edit]

Activity pages and status pages are being updated as the August report is being put together. New hub for i18n team: Please add a status update for your activities for the August report:


Excellent candidate in place for QA Engineer New excellent candidate for Mobile QA Excellent candidate for Outreach Note about Bug Wrangler

Hackathons/events (January SF, Berlin, Wikimania)[edit]

Bangalore planning - November

Conferences in general[edit]

Grace Hopper - need to plan

Gerrit project owner groups[edit]

Sumana managing


Sumana reaching out


Sumana needs to write a wrapup post -- maybe next week

Dev community metrics[edit]

(Claudia missing)

HR Feedback?[edit]


Sumana: in SF next week Guillaume: Possible vacation after the all staff Chris: vacation Aug 31-Sep 7