Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2011-12-06

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List of projects[edit]

  • Architecture of Open Source Applications book chapter (on hold for now until Tech reviewers get back to us)
  • Bug Triage
  • Bugzilla application management
  • Hackathons/events (Mentor Summit, India, January SF)
  • Commit Access
  • Recruitment/encouragement
  • Monthly report
  • Communication support
  • Engineering project documentation
  • 1.18 deployment & release support
  • Recruiting/hiring
  • Code review meistering
    • mentorship/office hours plan
  • Dev community metrics
  • SocialCoding4Good
  • Training documentation
  • Wikimedia blog maintenance

Who's doing what[edit]

Sumana - India hackathon followup, commit access, recruitment/encouragement, code review meistering, help with training documentation, planning for January hackathon Guillaume - training doc, Wikimedia blog maintenance, monthly report, engineering project doc Mark H - bugzilla admin, code review, bug triage, 1.18 release followup, patch review Rob - Hiring, code review meistering Siebrand - not on call, India hackathon followup Claudia - Bugzilla database

Bug Triage[edit]

mark supposed to meet with Arthur today about tomorrow's fundraising triage meeting scheduled for 1pm PT

Bugzilla application management[edit]

  • mark figured out how to delete comments
  • mark going to debug it then get ops to deploy it

Rob asks: how long will this take?

Mark should be able to do it today

Hackathons/events (Mentor Summit, India, January SF)[edit]

Sumana has finished the follow-up from Mentor Summit. Will probably do it right after the next events in the future


  • Sumana needs to ping Siebrand again to see how he wants to structure follow-up

SF hackathon[edit]

  • phone call with pariSOMA today
  • doing outreach / social networking this week
  • encouraging other people to host events

Commit Access[edit]

  • going fairly smoothly
  • getting to a zero backlog every week or every other week (notably because criteria are clearer)
  • End of the year coming up: Sumana considers doing a round-up of developers who recently got commit access and see if they're a success story


  • this takes an increasing amount of Sumana's time. Sumana hoping to delegate some of this to.
  • Developing Yuvi & varnent maybe as VDC volunteers :)

Monthly report[edit]

  • The November report is out: Wikimedia engineering report/2011/November
  • Only notable change: Trevor is running the features team meetings, & format encourages people to write content on Etherpad more, so that's helpful :-)

This activity is on backburner until later in the month.

Communication support[edit]

  • Guillaume reviewing blog posts, etc.

Engineering project documentation[edit]

  • Guillaume updating project pages, status updates, etc.
  • Petr Bena -- a volunteer who could help with Labs documentation

1.18 deployment & release support[edit]

  • Last update. Tarball release happened last week
  • Mark followed up on 1.18.0 bug triage
  • Started FAQ
    • Link to front page?

Recruiting / hiring[edit]

  • <information redacted>

Code review meistering[edit]

  • This is the area we all need to think about how to get things moving
  • Rob hasn't compared actuals to projections yet but it'll look grim
    • We need to get more visibility around code review front & make sure we come up with different ways people can approach it to feel effective, find their own effective styles. For example, in-person work in SF might be helpful

Mark asks re projections: should he help out by updating the Google Doc? Sumana notes: IRC, Google+, in person

mentorship/office hours plan[edit]

  • When Sumana sees someone who could be interested in being mentored, she proposes it but she hasn't found anyone yet.

Dev community metrics[edit]

still on hold


pinging Gerardo

Training documentation[edit]

Guillaume going through the materials; currently processing materials from the July 2011 code review training session, taking notes, then going to merge them with the existing notes and turn them into proper documentation

  • Sumana to grab more raw materials, & talk with Guillaume
  • Sumana to interview RobLa to get brainstorm from ZendCon

spending more time on how to substantively review code, less on the CR tool process

Wikimedia blog maintenance[edit]

Daniel Zahn deployed the first round of changes and bug fixes last week: example at WMFBlog:2011/12/02/mobile-full-screen-search/

  • nice "posted by" & categories/tags box :-) yay!

Guillaume continues to fix bugs and add functionality: Next round of changes to deploy in a plugin -- allowing contributors to upload pictures We'd love to center the design of the blog, but since it was based on Vector, that's tricky & Guillaume is doing that laaaaater.

Vacation & travel[edit]

Upcoming vacation days:

  • Guillaume: (tentative) Dec. 16th, 2/3 days on week 51, 2/3 days on week 52
  • Rob: Dec.26
  • Sumana: maybe Dec 16 + last week of year & maybe up to Jan 3 or something
  • Mark: Last week of Dec

Only a few days are officially days Observed Office Closed days. Days off in lieu of the Sundays (Christmas & New Year's Day): Mondays. (look for federal list, or new employee handbook)