Engineering Community Team/November 2013 Quarterly Review

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The Engineering Community team presented a change of plans, demoting goals related to QA volunteers and promoting goals related to Project management tools (diff).

ACTION (Quim/RobLa): resourcing plan for implementation after the assessment.

The activity of the team now concentrates in four focus areas:

  • Technical collaboration tools
  • Technical communications
  • Upstream collaboration
  • Outreach programs

An open question was asked, about better collaboration between ECT, Product Management and Community Liaisons. We agreed to increase dialog and collaboration through simple steps, without changing current responsibilities and activities.

Last quarter review[edit]

This content complements the presentation slides.

Bug management[edit]

  • New guided Bugzilla bug report entry form for Bugzilla newcomers (bugzilla:36762)
  • "Inline History" displays bug report field changes (priority etc.) in-between comments (bugzilla:47256)
  • Small enhancements: "Show other bug reports in component" link (bugzilla:46413), longer product names in buglists (bugzilla:40244), ...
  • BZ tricks & best practices blog series (see Bug management)

Technical communications[edit]

Focus on VisualEditor community change in July−August:

Perennial activities:

Presentation (PDF)

Mentorship programs[edit]

Volunteer coordination and outreach[edit]


See Engineering Community Team#Planning.

Meeting minutes[edit]