Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2012-03-27


TLDR meeting, 27 March 2012

Attending: Mark, Sumana, Guillaume Chris ill RobLa - vacation

List of projects[edit]

  • Project plan for QA testing
  • QA FY 2013 planning
  • Code review meistering
  • 1.19 stuff: deployment & release support
  • Git and Gerrit migration
  • SWIFT deployment support
  • TMH testing
  • Editor Engagement testing
  • Bug Triage
    • Individual developer assignment work (what bugs are assigned to whom)
  • Testing infrastructure
  • Bugzilla application management
  • Wikimedia blog maintenance
  • Training documentation
  • Monthly report
  • Communications support
  • Engineering project documentation
  • Recruiting/hiring
  • Hackathons/events (January SF, Pune, Berlin, Wikimania)
    • Conferences in general
  • Gerrit project owner groups
  • Recruitment/encouragement
    • GSOC
    • UCOSP
  • Dev community metrics

Who's doing what (this week)[edit]

Chris: Project plan for QA testing, QA fiscal year 2013 planning, testing project for TimedMediaHandler, working with Antoine to get testing infrastructure in place on Labs, testing Editor Engagement software Mark: 1.19 Deployment support, bug triage, BZ application management, volunteer recruiting & encouragement Guillaume: Monthly report, catching up, Berlin arrangements RobLa: Recruiting/hiring, 1.19 deployment followup, Git migration, Budget, meetings meetings meetings Sumana: Volunteer recruiting and encouragement (including GSoC and UCOSP), hackathons and events/conferences in general, engineering project documentation (git), Gerrit project ownership


Chris is out of the office today and says: "Went to Test Automation Bazaar, learned a lot. Spiked browser automation Trying to work with labs, which is slow and UploadWizard is failing"

Project plan for QA testing[edit] Chris to talk to Siebrand/Niklas

Fiscal Year 2013 planning[edit]

Rob, Sumana, Chris

Code review meistering[edit]

The new Git has awesomely negated the need for this? Or should I just prod things towards merging. finding stale commits turning patches into branches extension review queue deploy shorturl?

1.19 stuff: deployment & release support[edit]

last couple of bugs being addressed

Git and Gerrit migration[edit]

Sumana to do more project management here

chasing a bunch of work

SWIFT deployment support[edit]

(Chris not in this call)

TimedMediaHandler testing[edit]

(Chris not in this call)

Editor Engagement testing[edit]

(Chris not in this call)

Bug Triage[edit]

API triage? -- fail from lack of publicity or interest

   next time: try individual outreach to DarTar, other API people, mediawiki-api mailing list

Git triage? -- what would we cover? doesn't look like any new bugs are there. There will be by Thurs :-)

Individual developer assignment work (what bugs are assigned to whom)[edit]

Will see if anything needs handling right now. need to look at 1.20 roadmap and figure out what to target. can wait till next week

Testing infrastructure[edit]

(Chris not in this call)

Bugzilla application management[edit]

Git integration? API doesn't have the stuff in it that Mark wants.... there might be another approach

Wikimedia blog maintenance[edit]

Probably still on hold this week in favor of the Monthly report; should be resumed next week

Training documentation[edit]

Nothing this week Coming up in April: work on ResourceLoader/Gadgets 2.0 docs & security training docs

Monthly report[edit]

This week is the last week of the month, so please make sure there is a status update for your projects, ideally today

Communications support[edit]

Nothing this week, except maybe processing the staff photos if time allows

Engineering project documentation[edit]

Guillaume updating pages while putting together the monthly report Sumana to improve and and ask for Guillaume's help if she can't figure it out


Rob; not in this meeting

Hackathons/events (January SF, Pune, Berlin, Wikimania)[edit]

Sumana doing general planning, making Berlin reg form

Conferences in general[edit]

Various talks have been submittedl OSBridge CfP now open till 30 March.

Gerrit project owner groups[edit]

Sumana needs to start regular ownership-addition procedure


Sumana & Mark continuing to do this.


Proposals are coming in. Sumana needs to do some administrative work re mentors, students, backup admin


Wiktionary template social engineering held up on friction with the Wiktionary community checked in with Amgine

Dev community metrics[edit]

On hold, waiting for Claudia to do some Bugzilla-related stuff in March (Claudia told me that her focus has really been elsewhere so she hasn't had time to do this.)


Renaming group

  • Chris out of office today
  • Rob out-of-office this week