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Scope of the ECT as drafted in our meeting in Zürich on May 2014

The Engineering Community team supports software projects aiming to create and share free knowledge in the context of Wikimedia.

Our primary focus are developers of MediaWiki extensions, apps, tools, gadgets, bots, templates, and other users of our APIs. We also engage with editors contributing technical feedback and documentation.

Our purpose is to

  • promote community health: communication, outreach, partnerships, onboarding, retention.
  • maintain community workflows: collaboration tools, documentation, processes.
  • support community events: online, offline, internship programs.

Since July 2014 we have three main goals that provide direction to our activities:

  • A sane developer experience
  • One developer platform
  • Engage established communities

For more details, you can check the Engineering Community team 2014-15 quarterly goals.

We use Phabricator to plan and execute our tasks. We have an Engineering Community team workboard and we organize monthly sprints.

We're on IRC in the (low-traffic) #wikimedia-ectconnect channel, . You should probably discuss topics of broader interest in the broader relevant channels, such as #wikimedia-devconnect or #wikimedia-devtoolsconnect.

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See also Engineering Community team meetings.

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