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April−June 2014[edit]

  • Provide ongoing communications support (blog post reviews, activity pages, etc.). Status:    Done
  • Assemble and publish monthly reports. Status:    Done
  • Ensure the weekly publication of Tech/News. Status:    Done
  • (With Andre) Set up and facilitate the community RfC about Project management tools, and bring it to a decision. Status:    Done
  • Improve the information architecture of Wikimedia Engineering-related activities on Status:    Done
  • (With Guillaume) Do what's needed to drive Project_management_tools/Review. Status:    Done
  • (With Quim) Expose an easy "bug of the week" with dev team support (after Annoying little bugs is in shape) Status:    In progress, Andre preparing
  • Have a public bug day approximately once per month. Status:    Done on 20140428 and 20140624, planning for 201407 started
  • Some more Bugzilla taxonomy cleanup. - bugzilla:38990 Status:    On hold -- not enough time for this plus low priority now that we favor Phabricator
  • Investigate closing components of extensions archived in the code repository. - bugzilla:47540 Status:    On hold, postponing
  • Investigate splitting "enhancement" out of Bugzilla's "severity" dropdown and make it separate. - bugzilla:58096 Status:    On hold, low priority & only if we stick with Bugzilla -- not enough time for this plus low priority now that we favor Phabricator
  • The Architecture process has its own inertia, backed by revamped documentation and a Requests for comment queue clean.
    • Performance guidelines
      • Canonical document
        • Approval and discussion at Zurich hackathon
      • Poster
      • Training syllabus
    • Security guidelines
      • Canonical document
      • Poster
      • Training syllabus
    • Architecture guidelines
      • Canonical document
      • Poster
      • Training syllabus
    • Weekly RfC review meetings
  • TitleValue a done deal by Zurich