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Outreachy/Round 8

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Check all the details about this round at the program page.

  • February 24: application period opens
  • February 24 – March 19: applicants need to get in touch with at least one project and make a contribution to it
  • 11 March: Wikimedia IRC meeting (logs)
  • March 19: application deadline at 7pm UTC
  • April 21: accepted participants announced on this page at 7pm UTC
  • May 19 – August 18: internship period
  • May 20: GSoC & OPW IRC meeting (logs)
  • August 19: GSoC & FOSS OPW wrap-up meeting on IRC; #wikimedia-office @ 3pm UTC

We advise all candidates eligible to Google Summer of Code 2014 to apply to both programs.


Reporting progress is essential in free software projects. Good reports are concise, they highlight relevant progress/blockers, and they link to bug reports, patches, or other interesting pages.

Participants are required to share Updates about their projects:

  • initial announcement on Wikitech-l
  • initial microtasks completed
  • community bonding report by 25 May including links to
    • goals for the first half of the internship
    • communication plan
    • lessons learned since 21 April
  • first weekly report by 30 May
  • project wrap-up post by 20 August

See also:

Name Location Microtask Project Mentor(s) Weekly Reports
Marielle Volz London, UK Bug 51012 Improving URL citations on Wikimedia James Forrester, Trevor Parscal, Gabriel Wicke, Matthew Walker User:Mvolz/Weekly Reports
Jaime Lyn Schatz Redmond, WA, US Bug 62900, Bug 62901 User:JaimeLyn/Historical OpenStreetMap Enhancing Wikimaps/OpenHistoricalMaps Project Rob Warren User:JaimeLyn/Weekly Reports
Dinu Kumarasiri Colombo, Sri Lanka 1. Reviewing Main Page and Getting Started Page 2. Demonstration Main Page Welcome to labs - Welcoming new contributors to Wikimedia Labs and Tool Labs Andrew Bogott Progress Report
Frances Hocutt Seattle, WA, USA API:Client Code/Access Library Comparison Finding the best and making them better: Evaluating, documenting, and improving MediaWiki web API client libraries Sumana Harihareswara, Tollef Fog Heen Evaluating and Improving MediaWiki web API client libraries/Progress Reports
Helen Halbert Vancouver, BC, Canada Requirements Analysis of Guided Tour extension for Wikidata Feed the Gnomes - Wikidata Outreach Lydia Pintscher User:Thepwnco/OPW Reporting
Ali King Edinburgh, UK Updated dependency documentation and Project documentation, Team Trello board, Bug 61027, Add turtle example Template Matching for RDFIO, Bug 61999 Joel Sachs, Samuel Lampa Reports
Anjali Sharma Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India 1.Translations and edits to Wikidata items 2. Illustrative Outreach Ideas WikiHunt the 'Property': Wikidata Outreach Initiative Lydia Pintscher User:Discoveranjali/OPW_Progress_Report