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Wikimedia has participated in Outreachy since 2013. Outreachy provides internships in open source and open science, to people subject to systemic bias and impacted by underrepresentation in the technical industry where they are living. It is a three-month, full-time internship and runs two editions every year. It is overseen by Wikimedia's Developer Advocacy team. Wikimedia provides funding for Outreachy internships. See full program timeline here.


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December 6th 2016 to March 6th 2017. Check all the details about this round at the program page.

Selected projects[edit]

Project summary Intern Mentors
Provide cumulative statistics for all programs a user has participated in in WikiEduDashboard Sejal Khatri Ragesoss, Capt_Swing
Create Python library to serialize Wikimedia Quiz format, GIFT quiz format, etc Anna Liao John Mark Vandenberg, Marielle Volz
5 subprojects with the Reading Department at Wikimedia Zareen Farooqui Tilman Bayer, Jon Katz
Hacking: Wiki Radio Neslihan Nirzar, Adam Baso


If you want to be a candidate for this, you must read and follow Outreach programs/Life of a successful project#Coming up with a proposal.

Note: Outreachy expects its applications to fill out answers to all questions in its application template in their proposal. The applicant is expected to submit the completed project proposal to the Outreachy application system including a link to their public proposal in Wikimedia Phabricator.

In summary:

Find, or create, a Phabricator project task that interests you, and create a subtask of it that as your proposal task.

Repeating some of that here,

  • You should create an account on Phabricator using your wiki username (Create a wiki account if you don't have one)
  • find an interesting project task in phab:tag/possible-tech-projects (or elsewhere)
  • click 'Create Subtask' link to create a new Phabricator task for your proposal:
    • it will be "Blocked By" the task you are applying for
    • and will be associated with the project of the task you're applying for
    • title it "Outreachy proposal for project task", replacing project task with the name of the task you are applying for
    • add the Outreachy (Round-13) project for the mentor program and remove the Possible-Tech-Projects project
    • use the Outreach programs/Application template to create a solid proposal task
  • Edit and improve your proposal task until the deadline. A well-structured proposal increases your chances of being accepted. Sample proposals (from our past rounds): T93106 and T76199.

To see candidates, view all tasks on the Outreachy (Round-13) board; the names under "Proposal" tasks are the candidates.

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